2 August 2008


That Was The Week That Was - also known as TW3.  For those not in the UK this was an iconic 'alternative' news programme donkey's years ago.  It looked at the news in a satirical manner.

Well I've had one of 'those' weeks too.  I can't remember another like it but I'm glad it's over and settled now.  Do you ever have one of those times when everything you touch or do causes more problems?  Well that's what happened.  Just one of those times happened to my friend Aileen who had connection problems with her computer and that took me nearly a day (separate days, too) to fix.  Ended up by having to access her wan and lan settings and being talked through it all by the help line in South Africa.

In payment for this (which she really didn't have to do as I learnt a lot from the experience) Aileen gave me a lot of fabric for roly poly bags.  This is a woman who is THE most fantastic 'crafter' and some of the work she's done over the years is mind boggling.  Recently she's bought a computer and now is heading towards opening an Etsy shop.  Her sewing and quilting is just perfection.  I'll show you when she's up and running.

Me?  I've done very, very little this week but did get some bags done yesterday afternoon for a special order and some tree earrrings designed and finished in the evening. 

Hmmm, I thought I'd taken pictures of the bags but didn't!!!  I'll take them later and add them to this post - or put them on another!!!

Here are the bags.  BJ sent me the fabric as she wanted a set made of the paisley (middle picture) and a set made of the black fabric too.  I started them last weekend and have finally finished.  Well ..............................that's my story!!!!!!!  I will tell the whole of it sooooon.

31 July 2008


Well, tat was the day tat was!!! Or rather tat was the day I didn't tat!!!
This week I seem to be chasing my tail. I started on the sequin pattern page and the Christmas tree page but both got nowhere fast!!!
Interruptions galore also not helped by the electric man coming to change the meter. So while he was here I thought that it would be a grand time to cut out more roly poly tat bags - no electricity needed for that!!!! Forgot that after the visit all clocks etc had to be re-set!!! BUT things have a way of stopping even a dedicated sewer cum tatter.
The windows needed cleaning. No problem until it comes to the outside of the living room. These need 'planning'. It's not a good idea to tackle these during daylight hours. People tend to walk past and it's 'imperative' on an old git like me to speak to them and pass the time of day. How much time did they take to clean? I'm not telling. They did eventually get done but the back needs doing now.
The day before yesterday I had an appointment to help a friend with computer stuff in the morning. Setting up a Paypal account, online banking, changing passwords etc. Took longer than I thought. When I got home at lunchtime another friend had called for help so I bumbled round to her house to sort her out!
Hopefully today I MIGHT get something done although this morning I'm chasing round getting our utility supplier changed too!!!!
I promise myself an evening of tatting!!!!

30 July 2008

Two separate subjects today!

It's always very flattering to find that people can understand my patterns. Specially some of the 3D ones!! This message and picture came to me a few days ago from Judy.
"I am currently tatting one of your patterns- the diamond motif. In 2006, I did your 3- bear in size 80 thread. I am pleased to say that it won a first at the NC State Fair - see attached picture. He is sitting on a bottle cap."

Now below is another Christmas tree. BUT it's in development 'mode' at the moment (wrong bead for the trunk so the threads aren't cut yet). This one is smaller - an earring size.  I think the top still needs some more work too so this particular effort might get the 'Jane recycles' treatment.  Cut up and beads re-used!!!

A matching set of brooch and earwigs!!! How's tat?

29 July 2008

Two to show today!!!

Now from famine to feast in one day!!!!
First of all is Sunday's motif. This one was worked using a variagated Coats and Clarks thread in a number 70.  Single thread.  
The second is the same green variagated thread with a plain green C & C quilting thread (the same as this one.) The orange is the same combination too. I like the second one best, I think!!!

Mind, a lady can always change her mind!!!!  Ah, Nick's just pointe out yet again that I'm NO lady!!!!  Cheeky man - but as usual, he's right!!


28 July 2008

Not a lot!

All I have to show today is another tree!!!  There is another dangle done but not mounted on the bracelet yet!  

Janny sent in her lady for the last TIAS and that can be seen here.

I spent some time yesterday listing roly poly bags and pouches in Etsy.  I really like this set - the prints are so summery.

So, that's about all for today.  I'm gradually getting bored with trees and dangles so hope to move on to something really new soon.  It's too hot to design right now but the 'need' is beginning to hit me!!!  I've also started drawing up and making web pages for the trees and dangles too.  Again, when it gets cooler a lot more will get done!!!

27 July 2008

Another experiment

This time I used a number 80 thread and it worked out slightly smaller than yesterday's combo!!!  At least I got to use this fantastic bracelet from the 'SueH' collection!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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