18 August 2023

Time for something new - patchwork.

I have a blue theme in my bedroom.  But I have a very bright cloth on the table and I’m now bored with it.  This is the one I’m talking about.
So I felt it was time to make a ‘simply blue’ one!!!  I’ve got a LOT of blue fabric but have never really wanted to use blue!!!  IF you can understand that.  

First of all I had to decide on a size.  I don’t ‘do’ big - I like fiddly!!!!  I sent for a new template as the one I’d got had only got the inside size I wanted and not the size for the fabric to fit round the papers.  I’m now ready to start!!!  Below is some of the blue fabric I’ve got.

16 August 2023

A scarf started

I thought about what to do with the yarn I showed you yesterday and it really was a ‘no brainer’.  Another scarf.  Yes I know that a person only has ONE NECK but I thought that somebody would like a scarf somewhere.  
In the end I’ve decided that as I was ‘sort of’ given this yarn for free then I should make it up and give it back to either a suitable swop shop OR a charity like the food bank.  

A start has been made!!!  I’m pleased to say that the glittery metallic part of this yarn is easy to crochet with.  I’m using the same pattern as I used on this one.  

15 August 2023

Oh dear!

Well after the scarves were finished I thought that that was the end of my scarf making episode!!!  

I was looking in my yarn stash and found this yarn.  It was a few months ago that I went to the local Repair Cafe to get my sewing scissors sharpened and found there was a swop shop going on downstairs.  I saw this yarn and picked up two balls of it as I really LOVE the colours.  
I feel another scarf coming on!!!

14 August 2023


After spending time making the tunic/jacket I thought life was complete and that would be the end of the matter.
Then I went to Alcester on Friday, as usual, to join the ladies at Crafternoon.  

Alcester is a real English town which still retains a LOT of small useful shops but like most towns it does have quite a few charity shops.  I love browsing through them as there are sometimes bargains to be found.  They’re much better than the ones we have in town here.

Well, I spotted this which I simply HAD to buy.  Isn’t it great?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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