4 May 2013

My Weekly November 2001

Well, well, well.  Look what I found!!!  Has anybody ever made this pattern, I wonder?  I know I did but I've no idea where the pieces are now.  Probably squashed in the box where I chuck everything when it's finished - unless I give the thing away, of course!!!!

The pattern is here if anybody wants it in digital form.  It seems like another lifetime since I did this.  Strange coming across these magazines again after all these years.

3 May 2013

8 motifs of the Ferris Wheel

Are you still with me or have you got bored and left the planet?  

Sometimes I need to do something repetitious but while I'm doing it I'm also thinking about other projects.  

I'm looking forward to test tatting a pattern for Martha sometime soon.  Well, it's no hardship as her patterns are always so darn good when I get them that I really don't have to do lots except concentrate.  She's working on a new book which I've seen glimpses of (here's one of the patterns) and can't wait to see completed.

1 May 2013


The comments stopped coming in yesterday afternoon so just before our evening meal I decided it was time to run the random generator.

I've found that I could quickly make copies of people's names and plonk them in 'notes' which then bulleted each name - made life really easy.  There were 56 comments that 'counted' - some people accidently posted twice and one or two just commented and didn't want to be taken into consideration.  Oh, to the lady in Sweden who thought I wouldn't post a packet to her country - of course I would and I'm sorry I couldn't surprise you this time.

The winner was number 28 which you can see below.  That belongs to Marie Smith so I'll be sending that out as soon as I get her snail address.  

Thank you everybody for taking part - there's another book to be given away next week so don't forget to keep an eye open for it!!

30 April 2013

Now We Are Six

Now We Are Six.  Six motifs.  Why the title?  Well have you heard of A.A. Milne of Winnie the Pooh fame?  He wrote a book of poems titled 'Now We Are Six'.  

I loved his books when I was a kid.  Here are six of the motifs together.  All with buttons in the centres.

29 April 2013

A Giveaway

A few weeks ago I was very kindly gifted two tatting books as a thank you for something I'd done.  This was very, very kind of the person who sent them but sadly I'd already got both of them. 

I felt awful as the books arrived here and I thought the lady concerned had just asked for them to be sent here so I could send them on over the pond.  Often sellers won't post directly to the USA or other countries so I assumed this is why they came here.  So I got in touch with her once I'd traced the buyer through the company and asked what she wanted me to do with them. I was SO embarrassed when she said they were for me.  Anyway I discussed this with her and it was decided that I could give them to somebody who hadn't already got copies.

So, here's the first one.   I'll put the second one up next week - I don't want to confuse BC3, do I?

Please leave a comment and make sure I have some way of contacting you.  Often people don't have their emails easily available in their profiles on the blogs.  I'll announce the winner in a few days when people have stopped commenting.  I'll do the usual - use a random number generator!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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