3 May 2013

8 motifs of the Ferris Wheel

Are you still with me or have you got bored and left the planet?  

Sometimes I need to do something repetitious but while I'm doing it I'm also thinking about other projects.  

I'm looking forward to test tatting a pattern for Martha sometime soon.  Well, it's no hardship as her patterns are always so darn good when I get them that I really don't have to do lots except concentrate.  She's working on a new book which I've seen glimpses of (here's one of the patterns) and can't wait to see completed.


  1. Your Ferris Wheel work is looking great!! I wish I could use colour the way you do!!

  2. Impossible to be bored! Love this pattern.
    Fox ; )

  3. I just love how beautiful those all are!! :)

  4. I am never bored reading your posts. Keep up the very pretty work.


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Happy Beaks
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