28 October 2022

26 October 2022

A new knitting project!

Well I finished the top which became a sweater and so I needed a new knitting project.  
For my birthday a couple of weeks ago Hobbycraft sent me a £5 voucher and Costa a free cake!!!  My daughter and family (¾ of them!) came over so we went to the nearby shopping centre which is a short walk away.  Abbi chose some yarn from Hobbycraft (and something else) for me to knit her some gloves (£5 voucher used) and she ate the cake for me in Costa!!!!  I think something went wrong there!!!!  

Anyway, the gloves have been started.  All digits knitted and now it’s a matter of putting them together, knitting the palm and finally the rib.  This is the pattern I used and have adapted.  I don’t ‘do’ icord fingers, though!!!  I’ve now refined this pattern so it works for me and I love it.  I obviously can’t ‘share’ my alterations as it’s not my copyright but I’m very pleased with the results - which I’ll show in due course!!!!

Top picture is the thumb and the fingers for the next glove!!!

25 October 2022

More snowflakes!

I ‘think’ I’m getting there with this design.
If you remember from this post I was concerned that the darn thing wasn’t lying exactly as I wanted it to so I’ve spent more time playing with stitch count.  In  the end it also ‘needed’ another bead added in so that each ‘arm’ kept it’s distance and behaved itself!!!

Can you spot the added bead?  I’m working on getting the finished pattern up on my pattern pages here by the end of the week.

24 October 2022

More about the Topsy project!

Well here's another snowflake following on from this one!!!
Again I'm getting the twist in the arms but I think the next version will 'cure' that as BC3 'has an idea'!!!!  I'll be back!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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