29 August 2009

Send for the tat police!!!!

On Thursday morning I was kidnapped!!!

True, honestly.   I was seriously kidnapped.  These two people came to the house, bundled me into a car (sorry, no description as all cars are merely colours to me) and took me away. 

I was sure I was being taken to the nearest mental hospital to have my tatting addiction 'seen to' but I'm please and SO relieved that this wasn't the case!!!

Actually it was the total opposite!!!  Temptation in the form of beads and threads and other 'bits and pieces' was dangle in front of my nose all day.  Needless to say, I succumbed to temptation!!!!!!

Towards evening they took me to the one kidnapper's house and fed me (no not bread and water) the most delicious food.

Not sure what ransom was paid but they were obviously satisfied and took me home later in the day!!!

I did manage to take a photograph of the guilty pair and wonder if anybody can 'name and shame' them!!!!

28 August 2009

Ten days

You may wonder why I've been quiet.  OR you may just be relieved that I AM quiet!  The reason?

I've nothing to say!!  Honestly.  It's been over ten days since I picked up a shuttle but my dear old brain cell has been thinking of ideas.  

It's really hard to settle to tatting when you're in a busy house with lots of tiny kids.  I LOVE it.  Like being back in school as a teacher but this time without the final responsibility!!!

I am about to embark on a bracelet to match the small girl's necklace.  I'll show you when I've finished.

26 August 2009

OK, a working brain!!!

It occurred to me while I was working on the two necklaces that the 'alternative' way of adding beads to the centre of split rings makes life so much easier!!! 
When I used the previous way (pulling the core thread down after having worked the SR) I used to find that I had to keep undoing the SR and 'adjusting' the number of ds's!!! 
The 'new' way, which is probably not new anyway, allows me to 'see' whether the amount of ds's is going to work before I close.  Thus making this the ideal technique for the terminally idle - like ME!!!

24 August 2009

I'm now going to reveal!!!

I'm now going to reveal the 'boy necklace'.  
The beads were chosen with great care from a selection of necklaces in Target!!!!  The deliberations and discussions took a long time until the final decision was made!!!  Let me explain.
The brown squarish beads were chosen because 'they look like shark's teeth!'!!  The round ones (coloured) were chosen solely on their suitabiility for a boy!!!
In the centre at the front you can just see a skull and crossbones which were kindly donated by his big sister.  
May I now present a hand made, perfectly customised and carefully supervised 'boy necklace'!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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