28 March 2015


A great time at Crafternoon yesterday. I forgot to show you these two pictures of tatters taken over the past two weeks. I have two friends who are learning but unfortunately they can't get to the library every week.
Yesterday there was a lady who is knitting. Go on, wait for it. An asparagus!!!
Why an asparagus? I forgot to ask but I expect it's cause there's a lot of asparagus grown locally. I'm hoping to see the finished one and if she brings it along I'll take another photo to show you.

27 March 2015


It's been a busy and problem fraught few weeks. Not sure why everything has to 'go wrong' all at the same time!!! Leaking round the top of a bath, damp kitchen ceiling (because of that), hole then to repaired in aforementioned ceiling, broken window etc, etc. Still almost all sorted by 'men wot do' so life should settle down again now, I hope.

But tatting has been going on and sewing too. I'm pleased to say that two more bags (or is it four?!?!?) have been made. Some new fabrics will be in this next batch but I can't show you yet as I've not taken any photographs. Maybe later today? 

As the weather is slightly less cold it will soon be time to get into the garden. That will mean less time for sewing but tatting will continue as that's evening 'work'! 

Tatting at the moment is happening but only with things I can't really show just yet. I'm test tatting for a Palmetto Tat Days teacher and that's going well. An intriguing pattern which falls into place beautifully on the final round. A designer to be watched as she could force me into retirement - very soon. Good for her, says I.  

Sorry - no pictures today but hopefully there'll be some tomorrow.

26 March 2015

Custom order

Now this is a custom order from one of the guys I help with computers on a Thursday morning. He saw a pendant I was wearing the other week and asked me if I could make him one in a paler purple and also make earrings too.  Not for him to wear, I may add, but for him to give as a gift.

I like making this pattern so that wasn't a problem at all with the pendant. I was wearing longer earrings than those in this picture and he asked if I could make smaller ones. Easy peasy. I remembered this pattern which is another I like making as I can play with colours and they're reasonably sized too. 

I gave him the set last week and he seemed quite pleased with it.  

24 March 2015

This one's for MEEEEEE

Whoops. I nearly forgot to show you this bracelet. I made it a few weeks ago but I'm not quite sure where it is now!!! It'll be 'somewhere in the house'!!!
Made with Rainbow Splash and using this pattern. 
I have more of them (but not this thread - you'd have to ask me for that!!) in the Etsy shop which is here.

23 March 2015

A good weekend!

This weekend I managed to make a few more of the square bags. I'm really, really enjoying making these. I think I've caught a bug off Diane (here's her blog) over making things. I'm like her - I get into something I really enjoy and so have to make, make, make!!!

OK, I know you think you've seen all of these before but these are all new.  The top two are repeats as the original first ones were bought almost as soon as they were listed and the other two (the blue ones) are repeats as I'd got the fabric already cut out.  

I did make a new one but I've not had time to take a photo of it.  It's a really cheerful one - sunshine yellow.

They are also useful for traveling even if only for odds and ends or even if just popping down to the shops!!!  When they get mucky - they're easily washed and dried then they're back in use once more.  

I'm keeping some for myself - for different projects.  I usually have two or three projects on the go and normally they just 'sit there' on my table.  Sometimes they are there for ages and collect dust.  By putting projects in bags they are protected from my lack of housework skills!!  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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