23 April 2020

Sewing a bag

Back in the winter a friend that I see at Zumba handed me some upholstery samples that her husband had finished with.

They're rather gorgeous and are from a really expensive supplier so these were quite a challenge. 

I put them on the table in the conservatory (my summer sewing place!) and would walk past them and look and look at them deciding what to do.

Well last week I decided they 'had to go' so I got the sewing machine out and started looking at them closely again. 

Here are a few of them - some were lurking under a pile of other fabric when I wanted to find them and couldn't!!!

Medina - progress

Sorted - I think!!!

Took me two more attempts to get it right but I think this is a much easier tat with the lock chains. 

The BIG problem with lock chains is how to put a picot on them. In the end I resorted to doing it a new way - sort of. It's pretty easy and you'll see when I get the pattern on my site that I've got a new way of notating this too.

If anybody wants to test tat it please do drop me a line but it'll need doing pretty quickly or I'll forget all about putting this on the pattern site!!   You know me and BC3 - I'm always finding half finished ideas on my system!!! 

It’s a challenging piece to tat but a lot easier with the lock chains so a little experience would be needed - if you want to test tat it.

Next project?  Turning Medina into an angel with lots of beads!!!

21 April 2020

Progress on the knitted blanket

I've finished the blanket.

No idea what I'm going to do with it but it'll have to go out of the house sometime. One of my neighbours has a son who works in a care home so I'm hoping he can take it there to be used. It's a large lap blanket size. 

Guess what? I've started another!!! I must admit to enjoying doing this pattern very much. This is the link to the knitting squirrel where I got it from. 

I've had to start another as I've still got loads of yarn left!!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!

I really need to press/block this sometime but I did put on a crochet border and since then I've not been in the right frame of mind to get the ironing board out!!! Also I need to ask Mr Google the best way to make this look a lot neater!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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