5 January 2013

It's very reassuring.

When you've spent a lot of time fiddling around getting a pattern finished and on the web site it's very reassuring later to find that somebody somewhere is making it!!!!

Here are two Fandango Snowflakes that Katie made last week.  She's been sending me pictures now for a while with her snowflakes and I doooooo love seeing all the colours of threads and beads that are used.  

Thank you, Katie.  I WILL get the oval stuff finished - eventually.

4 January 2013

Ros's birthday

Last Sunday it was my friend Ros's birthday.  I always feel sorry for people who have birthdays around this time of the year.  

Ros loves my tatting bits and pieces so the pendant, earrings and this bracelet  all went to her.

The pattern for this bracelet is here if you want it.

3 January 2013

Oval pendant again!

I know you've seen this pendant before but it's more about the stand that it's hanging on (see second picture).  

This stand was made for me by my brother in law (commonly known as 'im in the garage).  Sally spotted similar display stands in one of the big craft stores when we were in America.  She whipped out her camera and took a picture.  When she got home she asked 'im in the garage to make her a few as she sells her lovely necklaces at shows and wanted to display them in a more professional manner.

Oh, I did pick up the pendant again last night, I did two lock chain stitches and then put it down.  I really WILL get it finished soon but other things keep calling me!!!

2 January 2013

Mystery doily rounds 3 & 4

I must've lost round 3 after I scanned it but here you have rounds 3 & 4!!!  Any guesses yet or have y'all fallen asleep already?!?!?

Round 3 was done using colours 668 and 663 with round 4 in 613 and 605.

I'd forgotten what a lovely tat this doily is during the intervening years but I've still got to do round 4!!!!  I may change my mind after that's done!!!  We'll see!!!

1 January 2013

Tat It And See starting soooooon.

Before I forget - Happy New Year and TIAS (Tat It And See).  

The date that the Tat It And See will start is going to be Friday 11th January at 08:45 GMT.  The link to the introduction is here and this is what you'll need to have ready.  Note - for those of a nervous disposition - there are NO beads involved this time!!

This year there will be a small 'split' in the pattern.  This is for those who are of a cautious nature and who don't want to tackle split chains.  There are only 2 and they're only a few doubles long but ............

All details of what you'll need are on the introduction but I'm bound to have forgotten something!  Please contact me if there's anything missing or if there's any further information you need.

31 December 2012

It NEVER occurred to me!

When I was re-jigging my pattern site a while ago I decided to 'pretty it up' by putting images on each page.  It was SOOOO boring before.  

First I had to find a way to do it and I found a free program for the iMac which would help to convert images to thumbnails.  This is SO easy as all I have to do is drag the file name onto the picture of the software in the dock and it's done.  

Then (using Seamonkey) I had to find out how to add them to the boring pages.  I used my age old method - hit and miss!!  Anyway job done - or so I thought.  

Just before Christmas Georgia said that some people found it frustrating that the thumbnails didn't have links to the patterns on.  It had never occurred to me that anybody would want/need that. This proves how my simple brain doesn't work!!!  So I settled down on yet another 'rain stops walks' day and fixed those thumbnails.  Most of them now have links to the relevant patterns.  Just a few don't as they really were there just to 'pretty things up'.

Here's a screenshot of the front page to show you what I mean.  All these thumbnails are now clickable and will take you to the patterns - same on all the pages!!!!  Well, fingers crossed, eh?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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