31 December 2012

It NEVER occurred to me!

When I was re-jigging my pattern site a while ago I decided to 'pretty it up' by putting images on each page.  It was SOOOO boring before.  

First I had to find a way to do it and I found a free program for the iMac which would help to convert images to thumbnails.  This is SO easy as all I have to do is drag the file name onto the picture of the software in the dock and it's done.  

Then (using Seamonkey) I had to find out how to add them to the boring pages.  I used my age old method - hit and miss!!  Anyway job done - or so I thought.  

Just before Christmas Georgia said that some people found it frustrating that the thumbnails didn't have links to the patterns on.  It had never occurred to me that anybody would want/need that. This proves how my simple brain doesn't work!!!  So I settled down on yet another 'rain stops walks' day and fixed those thumbnails.  Most of them now have links to the relevant patterns.  Just a few don't as they really were there just to 'pretty things up'.

Here's a screenshot of the front page to show you what I mean.  All these thumbnails are now clickable and will take you to the patterns - same on all the pages!!!!  Well, fingers crossed, eh?


Frivole said...

That's a great idea Jane! I did visit your pages many times and would see something I like in those little pictures and then couldn't find the pattern. Thank you for taking the time to add the links!

A Very Happy New Year to you and yours!

Margarets designer cards said...

Well done on sorting out your patterns.
I wish you and your family a very happy new year.

Susan Hook said...

I will look forward to trying yiour new layout

GraceT said...

Thanks for adding links to the thumbnails! I, too, have often gone hunting for a pattern I saw in a thumbnail, and quite often I didn't find it... :-)

Batty Tatter said...

Good job, Jane. Happy New Year! Sorry you've had too much wet lately.

Jane McLellan said...

Lot of work, thanks. It's not always easy to know what the pattern would be called!

Marilee Rockley said...

Clever, indeed! Works perfectly. Your pattern and technique pages are wonderful! Hope you have a great 2013!

Sally Kerson said...

So clever, just going to try it out. Glad someone has got brains in the family!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

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Happy Beaks
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