18 June 2016

Hearts and stars earrings

I bought some lovely beads when I was in - hmmmmm, not sure. Well it was either in America on my last trip there, or in Canada last year. They're really pretty hearts and some stars too.

I've been wondering what to make with them as I didn't buy that many.  Eventually I decided it just had to be earrings. 

There isn't really a 'pattern' as such (or rather - I'm not intending to write it down) - it's simply a variation on the Winsome Drop earrings which you can find here.  Least unless I'm nagged to put the pattern up. I've written it down but only in my 'Jane way'!!!!

17 June 2016

Fandango Square

Finally I've finished.

Not sure what took me so long but it was probably due to life getting in the way and me getting distracted with test tatting for Martha Ess!!! That's it - I'll 'blame' Martha!!!  I'll show you another day what I did for Martha and I hope you'll like it as much as I did.  In fact I LOVE her new book already and it's hopefully going to be ready in time for Palmetto Tat Days.  

Now I expect you want to know where to find the new pattern?  Shall I tell you or shall I keep it a secret?  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions!!!

16 June 2016

Decision made

I finally decided to 'go' with two greens for this round of the Fandango doily. I think it's a bit 'stark' at the moment but I'm sure it'll calm down when I get to the next round. It's unnerving when you take a route you're not comfortable with but I'm going to go with it!

15 June 2016

What do you think?

I've made this a month or two ago. It's designed to hold a credit or store card. The 'strap' part may look a little odd as I left out the beads that will sit at the back of the neck. They may have been a bit 'scratchy'. 

I loved making it and am sure it'll be useful too.

14 June 2016

A conversion

Now these two little brooches were originally three pairs of earrings!!! 

I found I wasn't wearing the earrings for some reason so decided that it maybe a good idea to convert them into brooches. A little bit of fiddling around and this is what happened!!! I'm actually wearing the one regularly and the second one will become a gift. Just hope the person likes it!!!

13 June 2016

Last chance

Last chance (just a few hours) to buy from my Etsy shop. 

I doubt I'll be re-listing in the shop again as I really don't like the way I now have to view it.  I used to be able to see things in a 'list' view which I found so much better but now it's defaulted to a gallery view only.  In fact I rarely go browsing in Etsy anymore because of that.  

I'll be taking the shop items to Palmetto Tat Days and will be selling in the vending room. After that - maybe I'll open another shop but I'm very reluctant as it takes so much time to do that.

Anyway, before they disappear - here's the link to what's in there.

Shuttles will appear somewhere at sometime but probably not in Etsy - most likely I'll move to Folksy but we'll see!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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