8 December 2022

Shawl finished

Remember this?  Well I carried on until my circular needles were almost full and I was BORED with it.
What happened next?  Well I’d got a fair amount of yarn left so I cast off using a crochet hook.  I’m sure this method must have a name but I call it a lazy way that I often use.  

Having cast off I then had a nice edge that I could crochet into and that’s what I did!!  I did a row of double crochet (that’s the English double crochet!) and then a few rows of ‘spaced out’ trebles to give a lighter look.  The final few rows were trebles into each space and tops of the previous trebles and then finally another row of double crochet.  I also went round the inner side with dc too.  The photo shows the finished shawl and the second one shows the remaining yarn - although the colours don’t look quite right on that photo.

I wore the jumper on Saturday with the shawl over it as it was very cold.  My daughter thought it was part of the jumper!  I pronounce it a success!

7 December 2022

Date of TIAS

Well it’s almost time to play the Tat It And See again.  

I’ve got a new pattern which I’m going to start on Wednesday January 11th.  

This will be (probably) the 14th year although I did miss two years when I thought the game wasn’t such a good idea.  Lockdown made me think again so I resurrected it in 2021.  I remember the first one was a hippopotamus which can be found here.

So just to whet your appetites here are a few of the past TIAS results.  Remember - when you play this game you do NOT know what it’s going to be at the end of the game and guesses are what makes it such fun for all of us.

6 December 2022

A ‘just because’ gift

When I was at the Friday knitting group over a week ago I was wearing my snowflake earrings.  Julie (one of the ‘ladies who knit’) commented on them and said she liked them.  So, last Friday she got a pair of her own!!!  

I now have enough pairs of snowflake earrings and the pattern is being put together so I should get it on my pattern site by the end of the week.

5 December 2022

Monday moan

Today’s moan is a bit complicated and offers the reader a look into the psychology of my BC3 (my brain has only three cells - called brain cells (one, two) three.

I was looking around my main computer the other day and came across quite a few patterns that have not been finished but left abandoned.  I got to asking myself why and this is what I reckon.  

The thing about doing what I do for free is that I’ve very little idea of who my ‘audience’ is and whether anything I do is ever used.  If I were selling patterns I would have a good idea of what people like as I’d have money coming in and a record of what the people like/want.  

I’d also have feedback if the pattern didn’t work or turn out as expected and comments on places like Etsy when people were happy.  Now I do get comments on the blog which I’m always grateful for but blogs seem to be not as popular as Facebook nowadays.  I don’t really ‘do’ Facebook and don’t understand why it’s used as everything gets ‘lost in perpetuity’ shortly after a post is made.  I like blogs as I can search for things I’ve done in the past easily.  I love reading blogs too and have lately seen a slow return to blogging.  

I also got to thinking that people might assume that if they pay for a pattern it’s bound to be much better than one that’s given away for free.

All comments welcome and I’ll leave you with a picture from one of my walks.

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