11 March 2021

The outer edge - row 2

This is the second and last round for the outer edge.  

Having done the first row I thought it may be enough but then felt it needed a second one to bring it all together.  Here it is.  Finished it a few days ago.  Many hours spent again on this poncho!!!

9 March 2021

The outer edge - row 1

Now I started this a week or more ago. Maybe even two weeks ago. 

This is the outer edge of the poncho and it’s a LOOOOOONG way round!!!! 

I suppose I should measure it.  Right - here’s the answer.  It’s 77” all the way round.  How many hanky edgings is that?  Not sure but it’s a few, I guess!!!!

8 March 2021

Onwards with the poncho!

I should've warned you that this was going to get boring!!!  This is the third row of the neck which is now looking (and feeling) so much better when I try it on.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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