17 April 2009

When WILL I learn?

When will I learn to keep my BIG MOUTH SHUT????

these small motifs that I made for my mate? Well now the sewing machine's out again and back being 'busy' I remembered that I'd offered to make the buttonholes for the dress she's made. No probs.

Jacqueline duly delivered the dress on Wednesday afternoon and we discussed where the buttonholes were going and how many. Four. Just four buttonholes. NO PROBLEM. Did I say 'no problem'?

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I'd do these four buttonholes before deciding on the testing of a new tat bag. Hmmmmm.
I carefully measured out where they were going and did the first top one. Stand back, Jane, take a look. Slightly but oh so slightly 'out'. Perhaps nobody else would've noticed but I did.

So I settled down to unpick. As I'd 'double stitched' it this took ages (why did Jacqueline get such a superbly matching sewing thread?!?!?!). Job done.

More measuring and off again. This time I wasn't happy with it as it appeared to have a 'slant' towards the top. BUMMER.
I decided to leave it for a while and do the other three.

They were absolutely NO problem at all so then I went back to number 1, unpicked it and finally (there's truth in the saying 'third time lucky') the buttonhole was up to standard.
Job done. Just shows that when brain cell # 3 decides to have an afternoon nap then nothing goes right!!!!

16 April 2009

I am pleased to announce

I am pleased to announce the return of brain cell # 3!!!

Goodness knows where he's been for his vacation but I think he got burnt out getting the Palmetto submission patterns done!!

Anyway, he's back and a tentative start has been made on a new design. NO, I'm not sharing as I go this time. You're gonna have to wait!!! There will not be a break in the blog (I hope!) as I'll try to have other things to share. This next one is going to be a 'biggie' in that it'll need lots of re-tats to get it drop dead right. Even then there are bound to be mistakes - I wouldn't be me if there weren't!!!

A clue? Hmmmmm, no, not yet.

15 April 2009

More bookmarks

Yesterday I found time to list some of the new poke proof pouches in my Etsy shop - the shuttle and pansy fabric ones.

Well it was SO funny. I finished listing (which takes me quite a time as I'm easily distracted) and went straight downstairs to make a cup of tea. When I got back upstairs again with the tea I found one of them had already sold!!! No, I didn't drop the tea but it was a close thing!!

These bookmarks are from my sister. She made them following Jane's pattern.
I asked what threads she'd used and she said they were old fine ones which she doubled up. Aren't they just SO pretty?

14 April 2009

Finished shirt

I actually sewed on the butterflies as well as the edging. I'm SO proud of myself.

I really had to do this before I lost the butterflies in tat corner!!!

I put one butterfly on the front of the shirt and the other on the sleeve!! How does that grab you?!?!?

13 April 2009


At last I've finished. What, you may ask! I bet nobody noticed except me. I'll explain.

A few weeks ago I had major problems with accessing one of the web sites I use to keep my pages on. For some reason I couldn't 'see' the files on the site when using an ftp. Eventually I started asking them questions about the problem and was told very early on that they had been working on it. I kept on asking over the following week but until five days had passed I had no answer and no connection.
Finally Nick decided that enough was enough and that he was going to 'ditch' that isp.

I then changed all the links on all pages to reflect this. THEN it was suggested by a.n.other tatter that it would be a grand idea to have larger pictures so I got brain cell # 3 out of the trash can and dusted him off. I worked out how to do this and thus started another two weeks of slowly changing the pages. I'm SO glad they're done now.
Most have large pictures of the finished pieces on links.

I've also added another page showing how to work the 'alternative' Josephine Ring.

By the way, this is the isp I'm now using. The other one will work for a while longer but hasn't the new enlarged pictures on it.

12 April 2009

Finished another shirt

Yesterday I finished another tshirt. I think it's been pimped enough!

I'll take a photo today but meanwhile here are two butterflies which will go onto it - when I remember!!!

There's a link to the pattern if you click the word 'butterflies'!!!! Nearly forgot to mention that!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.