13 April 2009


At last I've finished. What, you may ask! I bet nobody noticed except me. I'll explain.

A few weeks ago I had major problems with accessing one of the web sites I use to keep my pages on. For some reason I couldn't 'see' the files on the site when using an ftp. Eventually I started asking them questions about the problem and was told very early on that they had been working on it. I kept on asking over the following week but until five days had passed I had no answer and no connection.
Finally Nick decided that enough was enough and that he was going to 'ditch' that isp.

I then changed all the links on all pages to reflect this. THEN it was suggested by a.n.other tatter that it would be a grand idea to have larger pictures so I got brain cell # 3 out of the trash can and dusted him off. I worked out how to do this and thus started another two weeks of slowly changing the pages. I'm SO glad they're done now.
Most have large pictures of the finished pieces on links.

I've also added another page showing how to work the 'alternative' Josephine Ring.

By the way, this is the isp I'm now using. The other one will work for a while longer but hasn't the new enlarged pictures on it.


Tatman said...

your tech page is much like my dizzy double stitch that I played with back in 2005. Yours is just the one half making it a Josephine style. It is listed on my HOW TO section of my blog: http://tatmantats.wordpress.com/dizzy-double-stitch-instructions/

Also Dizzy picots. Nice to have more directions!!! :-D

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, SOJ!!! I've just looked at your Dizzy page and I'm feeling VERY dizzy now!!!!
Will drop you an email too!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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