17 April 2009

When WILL I learn?

When will I learn to keep my BIG MOUTH SHUT????

these small motifs that I made for my mate? Well now the sewing machine's out again and back being 'busy' I remembered that I'd offered to make the buttonholes for the dress she's made. No probs.

Jacqueline duly delivered the dress on Wednesday afternoon and we discussed where the buttonholes were going and how many. Four. Just four buttonholes. NO PROBLEM. Did I say 'no problem'?

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I'd do these four buttonholes before deciding on the testing of a new tat bag. Hmmmmm.
I carefully measured out where they were going and did the first top one. Stand back, Jane, take a look. Slightly but oh so slightly 'out'. Perhaps nobody else would've noticed but I did.

So I settled down to unpick. As I'd 'double stitched' it this took ages (why did Jacqueline get such a superbly matching sewing thread?!?!?!). Job done.

More measuring and off again. This time I wasn't happy with it as it appeared to have a 'slant' towards the top. BUMMER.
I decided to leave it for a while and do the other three.

They were absolutely NO problem at all so then I went back to number 1, unpicked it and finally (there's truth in the saying 'third time lucky') the buttonhole was up to standard.
Job done. Just shows that when brain cell # 3 decides to have an afternoon nap then nothing goes right!!!!


Valerie said...

Jane, I know anyone can just trust you to get the job done.

I understand you prefer to concentrate on your work. No worries. I just have to say what I feel... Thanks for putting a smile on face. :)

Lots of hugs.

tattrldy said...

At least you went on to the other three before you pulled out your hair - or wore your fingers out! Could it be Gremlins messing with you?

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