7 November 2009

The penultimate 'bit'!

Nearly there now with the random tatting!!

I've also put the new Snowsettia (thanks Carol for the name suggestion) up on my site.  The direct link is here .

Let me tell you a little bit about this pattern.  First of all it's a four shuttle pattern with a lot of alligator joins.  The two colours interweave over and around each other.  It looks a little complicated but it really isn't.   There's one VERY small split chain (which you can avoid!!!) and the rest consists mainly of split rings.  I hope I've written it down clearly enough for most people to follow!!

6 November 2009

A few more centimetres along the way

This is the 'story so far'!!

Another day, another few centimetres!!!

During the day I'm doing something I've been promising myself for ages.  I'm tidying up my computer.  The new mac, that is.

Over the years I've collected SO much on tatting that I've just flung into a folder called 'tatting stuff'.  I did start making sub folders some years ago and there are a lot of famous names who have folders on the mac!!!  Some contain test tatting I've done, some have patterns and others have pictures.  There's still a lot of stuff which needs filing though.

Also the search for a new drawing program continues.  I've got it narrowed down to a choice of one!!!  I'll fill you in on that when I've finally decided.  I've got a limited trial version at the moment and so far have found it to be as good as if not better than the one I was using on the PC!!!

5 November 2009

Another day, more progress

Before I start my daily talk to myself I must remember to tell myself (you, it, him, her, them, etc!!!!) that I listed some more bags in my Etsy shop yesterday.  Is there anybody out there who's interested?  Well, just in case, here's the link!!!!!

I have until the 4th December to get this back to Nicole so I don't feel under any stress at all.  It's going to be hard, very hard to get back to a pattern again!!!

The main problem with working  on this and which has to be 'checked' with a tape measure every half hour or so, is keeping within the .05 and 4.00 centimetre specification!!!  Having said that it does keep me out of mischief!!!

4 November 2009

Now that Halloween's over!!!

Before I bought the new mac I was working hard on a new pattern.  I haven't rushed things as I knew that all those who celebrate Halloween would maybe miss this post!!!  It's just a small motif but a little bit different, I think.  It's going to be my Christmas giveaway.

As it's quite a 'dense' piece it doesn't really need to be in a metal ring and stands up well 'as is'.  I MAY stiffen it but maybe I won't.  Dithering again, Jane!!!!

I'm still not quite finished with the destructions (whooops, mean instructions/pattern) but I'm hoping to be finished by the end of this week.  Then the only problem will be 'resolving' it all on the new 'toy'!!!!!

It will measure just 3" across when worked in a number 20 thread.  I've made quite a few of them so shortly you'll see lots of samples!!!

I've thought of giving this design a name.  Now, now, don't collapse in amazement!! I did think of calling it a poinsettia!!!  Not sure it's enough like one, though!!!

3 November 2009

Further along!!!

I'm now at 28 centimetres and Nicole needs 65.  Still enjoying the fact that I'm not writing it down as I go along like I usually do when designing.  I use a laptop for that which makes it a lot easier and more efficient to do 'on the hoof'.

Here is the latest part and the whole thing so far.  This will be the last time you'll see the piece in it's entirety as it won't fit on the scanner any longer!!!!

Did I tell you what it's going to be used for?  It's an 'insert/outsert' to go in a dress or skirt.  It will 'meander' between two pieces of fabric and over the fabric too.  Sounds quite a task to me.

2 November 2009

Fascinating stuff

This is a really seriously weird way to tat - with no pattern and no real 'direction' except a 'straightish' line!!!

I think I might have to take an evening 'off' soon as it's not as easy as it looks.  Making decisions about which way to go next and how to get there.  Sounds like my life in general and I try not to be forced to make those sorts of decisions EVER!!!

I just hope that Nicole is pleased with it.  In a strange sort of way I'm learning from doing it but I'm very, very glad I've got a few years tatting experience to use!!!  There's only been one 'tie and cut' so far as I'm trying to make it flow from one part to the other.

For those curious as to what Nicole is going to do with this - I believe she's inserting it between two seams in a garment.  I'll be able to show you the completed item when she's finished it - I hope.

1 November 2009

Something new!

As I've mentioned before (I think!) I'm currently working on a commissioned piece of work for the lass I did the black strips for. 

The task she's set me is to make a long piece of 'random' tatting.  No pattern at all.  This was rather daunting at first and I wondered if I'd be able to 'just tat'.  The specification was that it should be between 0.5 cm to 4.0 cm in width. 

Well I started off and this is what happened.  I ran it by her and she said it's exactly what she's looking for.

I'm using a number 80 thread which means it's going to take some time, I think.

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Happy Beaks
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