3 November 2009

Further along!!!

I'm now at 28 centimetres and Nicole needs 65.  Still enjoying the fact that I'm not writing it down as I go along like I usually do when designing.  I use a laptop for that which makes it a lot easier and more efficient to do 'on the hoof'.

Here is the latest part and the whole thing so far.  This will be the last time you'll see the piece in it's entirety as it won't fit on the scanner any longer!!!!

Did I tell you what it's going to be used for?  It's an 'insert/outsert' to go in a dress or skirt.  It will 'meander' between two pieces of fabric and over the fabric too.  Sounds quite a task to me.


Miranda said...

You really need to write down what you did on this latest section, because I see it evolving into a camel.

Fox said...

The final application? I cannot imagine it!
Fox : ))

Gina said...

Not something I would enjoy sewing on either. Something with a distinct pattern and shape would be quite enough for me! Hope she does permit you to show the final result. I'm intrigued now. Lately I've been wanting to trim my plainer tops with tatting. Just haven't had time to do the tatting since I've already got projects lined up.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Jane!

Ridgewoman said...

looking a bit like "Nessie" ~ (Loch Ness Water Mystery) LOL
I checked bonkers, because of the commission ~ not the tatter. hehehe

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