4 July 2008

Results brought by my visitor!!

Remember my visitor? Brain cell number 3? Well, she's finally fulfilled all her promises!!
I've been playing around with the idea that I showed last time when the visitor arrived.
I wanted to have beaded picots on this design but just couldn't work out what colours I wanted or where I wanted them. I thought I'd have different colours on each picot but working out how to thread them onto the shuttle or chain threads was more than the other two brain cells could cope with!!
So I played and eventually came up with another way of doing it without having to add the wretched beads to the shuttle thread first. Everybody knows what a pain it is to have so many beads on a shuttle - not fun.
So I devised a way of 'cheating'. I've run it past the tatting gurus who live in tat land and neither have seen it written down anywhere. So, I thought I'd do it.
Here's the link to this technique.
I'm just so pleased with it as it's going to save a lot of trouble in the future. I do hope brain cell # 3 stays around a bit longer or even invites friends to join the others!!!!

2 July 2008

I've had a visitor

Yes, it's true. Guess who? OK, I'll tell.
It's brain cell number 3. Don't think it'll stay long and I'm very excited about what he brought with him. Actually, make that a female brain cell. It could only be a woman that thought this idea up!!!!
I'm actually not going to share it today as I'm running it past a few of the gurus in tat land to see if they've seen it done before. It's certainly revolutionised my tatting.
Ah, before I go. Another puzzle for you. What AM I making now? Below are the rough and first attempts.

1 July 2008

Roly Poly Tat Bags

OK, here's the new 'range' of integrated tatting accessories which I'll be listing shortly on Etsy. Least I'm hoping some of these (there are only the three so far) will make it to Etsy as I've been selling privately now for weeks and nothing has got into the shop!!! First of all there are the 3 new bags.

These are followed by the 'poke proof' pouches (no hook or pick will get through these!!!) with separate bobbin holders which fold into the pouch.

30 June 2008

Another sequin idea

I finished off this sequin design yesterday evening after a long day of sewing.
I'm not sure yet if this one will be the final idea for the Christmas giveaways but it's nearly there. Probably a bit complicated and intricate but I do like it.
The next thing I really ought to do is put these ideas on a web page for anybody who might want them but I've a bit of a concern at the moment. My friend Jennifer wrote yesterday evening and gave me a link to Bev's Dillon's tatted coin bracelet as she wondered if what I was doing with the sequins might be the same as Bev's idea. Well, although I've used more SR's and a different stitch count, it is in essence the same. I've written to Bev to ask if she's OK with me using this idea - even if it did occurred accidentally. OR (another thought) was it one of the two brain cells retaining the idea if I saw it once before? Now, there's a mystery. All answers on a postcard to the comments section of this blog!!! Please send a stamped addressed envelope if you want a reply!!!!!!!!!!!
It's been said before but it's going to happen that great minds keep going down the same avenues of thought!!!
I've taken some photos of the new 'range' of roly poly tat bags and shuttle pouches and will blog them tomorrow by which time I'll (hopefully) have finished a third set.

29 June 2008

It works!!!!

Well, I said watch this space so here we go!!! The new pouch is fabulous (with hook/pick proof bottom) and I've also got bobbin holders that I'm pleased with!!! What a relief. Suddenly the second brain cell woke up yesterday afternoon and reminded me that I should try 'fitting' the bobbin holder inside the pouch. Not sewn in but placed in. This now means that if people want to buy a pouch off me then they'll get a bobbin holder too - whether they want it or not BUT if they don't use bobbin shuttles then they can just throw it away!!! Two problems (or more) solved. Here's the pouch.

Here's the bobbin holder (I know they're different fabrics but that's so it shows up what I'm doing!)

Here are the two together before the pouch is closed with a velcro fastening.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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