4 July 2008

Results brought by my visitor!!

Remember my visitor? Brain cell number 3? Well, she's finally fulfilled all her promises!!
I've been playing around with the idea that I showed last time when the visitor arrived.
I wanted to have beaded picots on this design but just couldn't work out what colours I wanted or where I wanted them. I thought I'd have different colours on each picot but working out how to thread them onto the shuttle or chain threads was more than the other two brain cells could cope with!!
So I played and eventually came up with another way of doing it without having to add the wretched beads to the shuttle thread first. Everybody knows what a pain it is to have so many beads on a shuttle - not fun.
So I devised a way of 'cheating'. I've run it past the tatting gurus who live in tat land and neither have seen it written down anywhere. So, I thought I'd do it.
Here's the link to this technique.
I'm just so pleased with it as it's going to save a lot of trouble in the future. I do hope brain cell # 3 stays around a bit longer or even invites friends to join the others!!!!


Pamela said...

That looks so cool!

Well done brain cell number 3, please please stay around, tat land needs you!!

Bonnie said...

Jane, that is a GREAT idea! Thank you for sharing it. I really like working w/ beads and this will make it alot easier!

yarnplayer said...

As usual, Jane - you are a genius!
Very nice diagrams and all.
This is another way of doing beads, and the more ways the better. That way people can pick and choose to suit their own preferences and abilities.

Tattycat said...

What I've seen so far I love! This is sooo exciting. I will try it out, hopefully today but I can already tell it will work and be so much faster. I have been wondering how designers ever figure out the placement of beads and now that won't be a problem. Thank you brain cell #3!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks all. Just taking a bow for brain cell # 3!!!!!

TatnThreadz said...

Genius!! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing Jane. :)

Linda S Davies said...

That's a real nifty little trick! I detest threading beads first and that is why I came up with putting single beads on using a needle threader back in the early eighties (I'ld not heard of Rhoda Auld at that time). But this takes it that one step further, and what a success!

OmonSan said...

Very neat indeed! Can't wait to try it.

BJ said...

sigh! Can brain cell # 3 help BJ's synapse to "fire"?
Synapse understands the visual; but, as usual doesn't "fire" on how the beads are attached to the core thread in order to then follow the visual.
BJ keeps telling Synapse that it works the same way as with a long picot beading (which she has found very handy) but synapse can't jump the space of immagination to reality.
Poor synapse! Brilliant Brain Cell #3. Any chance of their joining forces?

erin said...

Janey-Lou! You win the Smarty-Pants award! Well, you and braincell #3!

Thank you so much for sharing this very, very clever technique!



TattingChic said...

Sounds great, I'll have to go check it out!

Denise Felton said...

Brilliant! I HAVE to share this with my readers!



Tatman said...

Good technique! Almost like a double picot with beads loaded onto it. But not quite. HEY! Anything to get away from loading beads on a shuttle that always get in my way of the tatting motion ;) Thanks for working this out mum.

Yeah......I am back from vacation AND back to reality. Reality Sucks!

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