31 October 2015

Bubblegum seahorse

Something else I'd forgotten to show you!!! This is another of the little seahorses I made before I went to Canada. The thread is bubblegum from the Lizbeth range. 

I've been quietly getting on with the TIAS design and think it's almost ready to 'chop up' and get onto the internet. This will take me some time as I keep getting distracted. I'll show you some of my distractions next week.

30 October 2015

Oh dear!

I've just found this little doily - which I made a month or more ago. It's been lurking on my desk waiting for me to put it away - or give it away. 

This is Rachel from Rosemarie Peel's book 'Tatting Basic Patterns. The link to her book is here.

There's something so appealing about this little motif/doily that I simply can't resist. 

Meanwhile I'm working my little socks off on the Tat It And See and this is slowly getting sorted. I need to 'chop up' the original design next and put it together as separate pages. I need a good quiet day or two to do this but at the moment that seems to escape me!!!

29 October 2015

Lori's mouse

This is a picture of Lori's bauble.  She wrote to me while I was away in Canada and I filed her message in the wrong folder in my emails!!!  Thankfully she had the sense to remind me (very sweetly) about her 'missing mouse' and I sent out the search party yesterday!!!

I'm not showing you her mouse here - you'll have to go to the Exclusive Tatting Club to read all about him.  I know I'm a tease but you'll find him well worth a visit.

28 October 2015

Bookworms and bookmarks

After considerable 'nagging' from Pigmini and a few others on Facebook this long forgotten pattern is now available. 

The reason I didn't give it away earlier is because I was making and selling them on Etsy - until I got bored!!!  Just lately there seems to have been a lot of interest in it on Facebook - I blogged them with monotonous regularity back in 2010  and even in 2011 and again in 2011.

It wasn't long after I stopped making them that BC3 came up with what he thinks (and I agree with him there) a much better idea - the Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It bookmark.  That one never gets lost!!!

27 October 2015

A little mermaid

Do you like my little mermaid?  I was quite pleased with the way she turned out. Do you want the pattern for her?  Well you'll have to pay for this one!!!!

OK, so it's not the only pattern you'll get. There are 14 more of them and they're all to be found on the Fringe Element Calendar.  The calendar runs from  this October (just after their tatting weekend) to the end of 2016. 

I hope I haven't put you off by showing you this as there are many other very pretty designs by lots of famous designers to be found on the calendar and as a BONUS it also tells you the dates and you can fill in your appointments on it too.

For more details and the price please email the Fringe on this email address - fringetatters@gmail.com.  You can pay via Paypal too.

An apology to the lasses at the Fringe for telling you all about the calendar here as I forgot to ask them first if it was OK to blog about it.  I do tend to get excited about tatting things.  Put it all down to old age and only BC3 to help me!!  Fortunately the Fringe still have some left or I'd have had egg on my face - which, thinking about it, may have improved my appearance!!!!

26 October 2015

Presents from Georgia

Today I have a feast for your eyes. I was given the lovely box below by Georgia at the Fringe Element Tat Days and inside were a host of 'goodies'. I'm only going to show you a few - just to make you jealous!!!!

First of all I know that this shuttle is unique and made by Georgia and Rich. I've also added a picture of the special shuttles that 'you know who' made for the Fringe too.

The little birds are heist beads - they used to be made from shell and hand carved by the Navajo or Hopi. 

Also in the box were some cabochons too but the photos didn't come out that well. I'll take more another day when the sun shines again.

The spacer bars may be gold plated (Georgia says) as they were stored with real gold and silver in her mom's things. WHAT a lovely lady to bestow all this on a mere old git. Thanks SO much, Georgia.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.