31 December 2010

Another bookmark!!!

Yet another of the magnetic bookmarks!!!!  I'm taking time off now for a while - well, until I can't resist the urge to make more!!!

I've stiffened this one so it keeps it's shape a bit better.  He's now floating around looking very handsome in my shop.
Oh, I think the Tat It And See is nearly ready to go 'live'.  I have a friend working her way through it at the moment so I think I can fix the date.  Probably by tomorrow I'll have sorted that part out and any glitches she may have found too.  There are always 'glitches'!!!!

30 December 2010

Are you jealous?

Well as usual Royal Fail let me down before Christmas but has finally delivered the giveaway I won from Diane's blog.

The gift arrived (along with a flurry of Christmas cards some of which were posted locally on the 14th December) yesterday morning.  This is what I was expecting - the little pouch.  Just right for popping in a handbag or even inside a roly poly tat bag!!!
But this little pouch had a 'bulge' to it - rather like my body which bulges in places I'd rather not mention!!!

Inside was the following.  Some Sulky thread which is SO pretty, a ball of number 80 thread, a clippy thing (I use loads of those), an ezybob AND a shuttle.  I'm going to add pictures of 'just the shuttle' to show you how very, very pretty it is.  Thanks SO much, Diane, for running the giveaway and thank you to whoever the random generator or picker out of my name was too.  I'm a VERY happy OG.

29 December 2010


Now, today I want to talk about worms!

One of my secret passions is talking to worms but lately my worms haven't been very talkative.  In fact I've not seen a lot of them due to the extremely cold weather!!
It's true before anybody starts thinking I'm even more bonkers than you already thought.  I DO have worms and they live at the bottom of my garden.  See - you guys have fairies and I have WORMS.

They live in my compost maker and are very hard working little critters.

So now you're wondering why I'm telling you this.  Well, one lady who bought a bookmark off me wanted a 'hanging worm' rather than one that sits on top of the book.  So I re-did the stitch count on the original worm, added another split ring - oh, and some glittery thread and here is her worm. A glamorous, glittery worm and the total opposite of MY common or garden (actually compost) worms!!!!

28 December 2010

Black and White

Now while I'd got the black and white thread out for penguins I decided to 'have a go' at making a panda!!!

Quite a challenge as you can see!!!  

Sadly there are a few cuts and ties in this pattern for which I apologise - I don't DO those unless forced to.  I like my work to be in one 'hit' from start to finish!!!  I'll add the pattern to my pattern page as soon as I get the abbreviations sorted which is my 'unfavouritist' thing to do!!!!

Anyway, here he is both solo and also as a bookmark which was is an order from somebody I shared with as I was working on him.

27 December 2010

Total relaxation

This is what I do to relax!!!!  Make something I like making in colours I like too!!!!

I have slightly stiffened these so they keep their shape as the tails may straighten without.  Actually that's not true - I doubt very much that they would as I tat tightly and I've got several which have stayed 'as put' for years.  Anyway they are now listed so if you want a closer look you'll have to toddle off over here!!!! 

Update on Monday morning.  The green one has got the same built in secret wings that the penguins have!!! It's already flown out of the shop!!!!! 

24 December 2010

An expensive penguin!!!

Why am I showing you yet another penguin?   Well this is probably THE most expensive penguin in our neck of the woods and beyond!!!

Why?  Well to make him look presentable I had to go out in the snow and buy a new iron!!!! 

I got totally fed up with having to scramble down the passageway between our two houses (us and next door) with a stepladder to re-set the trip switch on the socket circuit.  Every time I did any ironing it would 'trip'.  OK now I'll be honest  I don't 'do' a lot of ironing - well, not of clothes, but I do like to lightly press my tatting sometimes and as I usually do that on the way to bed (ready to blog) you can imagine the cussing that went on when I had to go and sort the trip out in the cold and dark (and snow!!!).

So yesterday I reserved a new iron online at Argos and then trudged up there in the snow.  Oh, that was after slithering down the town, visiting an 'oldie' at the other side of town and then going home.  Argos is is situated in yet another direction so off I went again.  Well I guess it keeps an OG fit!!!!  Boy, the backs of my legs ache today!!

Over the weekend I'll be adding some more to the shop - I've got it in my head to make a seahorse or two and a dolphin.  You never know what else may appear too!!!!

Oh, this little guy is now here.

23 December 2010


Despite the ongoing 5" of snow and little traffic making it down our road, the threads that Sally and I ordered from Zig-Zag Corner arrived yesterday with 'Mr Misery' driving the Parcel Force van.  What can I say about them?  Well they are the Lizbeth threads and the new variagated colours too.  They are stupendous.  

I was given some thread called Autumn Spice and I found I kept on going back to the Ezbob which it was on to use it.  I was convinced it was one of the HDT range that I'd been sent so was totally gobsmacked when I looked it up to buy more and found it was Lizbeth.  The new colours seem to be much better to me as they  sort of 'bleed' into each other without any sudden changes.  At my age sudden changes aren't good for you or your health and temper!!!!
Also via a regular 'on the hoof' postie came my magnets and the beads I won on Ebay (see below).  The beads are Impex embroidery beads and are drop dead gorgeous.  Thank you, Sally, for pointing out this seller on Ebay.  

So here in a snowy UK there sits an OG with a BIG smile on her face.  There'll be no more talk of Royal Fail (I actually gave the postman a BIG hug - poor man looked terrified) until they let me down again!!!  Probably next week as the system doesn't appear to be working yet.

One final question though - how and why DO they manage to deliver bills like the huge one from the Inland Revenue and the house insurance company?  Is there a wicked plot going on?   If so then can somebody out there put a stop to it, please?

22 December 2010


Blogger problems sorted themselves out yesterday eventually and I put the 'tease' picture for the TIAS on there.  No need or reason to complain about a very, very good free service and one that keeps me out of mischief (that's blogger I'm talking about although it could also be said about the TIAS)!!!

Having now been blogging for a while (since May 2006, for crying out loud!!) I wonder what I'd do if I didn't blog?   It's become a part of my life like my morning bowl of porridge!!!  Through blogging I am stimulated by others blogs and by comments that are made on this one.  So much so that a chance remark about penguins set me off on another daft idea.  I'll show you once I'm totally happy with it - which I'm not yet!!!

So to my other daily grumble - Royal Fail!!!  Letters turned up yesterday finally.  A customs 'demand' for threads I've bought from America.  This is interesting as the invoice was raised on the 15th of December.  Even that's taken five days to get to me.  Other post is slowly drifting in but my three small packets (beads and more magnets) are still not here.  Do hope that Father Christmas isn't an employee of Royal Fail!!  I feel I'm due for my weekly trip to the local sorting office for a grumble although the five inches of snow may save them this week.  I don't 'do' grumbling or arguing very well as I can always see the other person's point of view even better than my own. 

Some really, really nice folks work at the sorting office and I can't speak to them because they are so good - I always 'demand' to speak to a manager.  Doesn't get me very far but at least I feel better for trying!!!!

21 December 2010

HOTP - or Hot Off The Phone!!!

http://tatitandsee.blogspot.com/This post is a little late this morning because I've been on the phone.  Bad news - I'll not be able to meet Jon Yusoff this morning because (very sensibly) they're skipping and missing our small town to go straight down towards Gatwick!!

Bummer as I was really looking forward to meeting her for a grand 'tatting natter'.  The snow here is still 4" deep and the roads are a bit scary from what I've seen from a careful 'stagger and slip' down the town yesterday.  Jon says the M1 is fine from the weather reports.  Next time you come to the UK, Jon, PLEASE don't come in the winter when it may snow!!  Please bring some of your local sunshine and a postman too - if you can find one!!!!
I'm going to share another diddly bit of the TIAS.  It's all done and dusted and floating about up on url's.  Not telling you anymore than that, though!!!!  Keep an eye on the TIAS blog for more news.

I'll be tormenting you more with this over the next few days/week!!!

So, ya, boo sucks to those who were guessing it was something to do with 'blue'!!!!  I changed colours on you!!!

20 December 2010

Well, penguins CAN fly!

Bet you all didn't know that!!!  It's a fact and I can prove it!!! 

I never ever list anything in the Etsy shop unless it's made and in my box ready to go but I decided that, as the penguin I showed you on Saturday's blog post got snapped up before it had even got into the shop that I'd make another!!!  

As the eejit that I am I decided to use the photos I'd taken of number one penguin and list those in the store.  Then I toddled off downstairs to make a replacement 'just in case'!!! 

I'd only just got the centre done and whooops and yipppeeeee the little beggar got snapped up before birth - in the womb, in fact.  That kept me busy.  SO that proves that penguins can fly - out of my shop!!!! 

Also gave me another idea so I worked on that yesterday evening.  Hope to show you sometime soon.

As for Royal Fail - you've not heard me grizzle about them for ages.  They are still failing us dismally and we've not had any post since Thursday now.  It's very, very localised from what I can gather having had another 'I want to see the manager' stint at the local sorting office.  Still awaiting magnets and some beads I won in Ebay and those were sent via first class mail well over a week ago!!!  OK, so Royal Fail are putting the cost of a first class stamp up soon but you won't catch this OG buying one - I'll stick to second class, thanks!!!! 

18 December 2010

Last two for now!!!

I'm going to have to tear myself away from these magnets - they're magnetising me into making more and more!!!  Today I MUST get back to the TIAS again.  

When working on a big project I have to put it aside from time to time because 
a)  I fall out with it!!!
b)  I need to 'forget' it for a week or so before going back to it fresh.
c)  The OG gets distracted by things such as magnets!!!

These two will go into my shop later today.  I'm finding they  disappear pretty quickly and also I've got more ideas brewing too!!! 

17 December 2010

Heart and butterfly

Once I get a bee in my bonnet I can't get rid of it!!  Anybody got a shotgun?!?!?  Can't stand that buzzzzzzing!

Seriously I'm delighted with the interest shown in this magnet idea as I know it works so well.  It's the first time I've ever had a bookmark that really does it's job - even when I drop the book!!!

So yesterday I got settled in tat corner really early and managed to finish off an orange butterfly that I started on Wednesday, before making the heart (also below).  The heart pattern is one of my own which I 'doctored'!!!!  This morning I saw a comment on yesterday's blog from Ridgewoman which made me smile as I seem to have got to be one jump ahead of her!!!  Here's her comment!

"You LOVE making these; so why not each holiday, have a theme? Heart for Feb. Leprechaun or clover for St. Patrick's, firecracker or shooting star for July 4 (here across the pond) and so forth…How bout Initials? Then, they'd really be personalized."

Also when I woke up this morning I wondered what a penguin bookmark would look like!!  Anybody think that's a good idea or has brain cell 3 'lost the plot'?

16 December 2010

Yet another pheewwww day!!!

A busy day AGAIN yesterday with Silver Surfers in the morning followed by the volunteer's Christmas 'get together'.  

I was asked by our gallant leader to take some of my Winsome Drop earrings and the magnetic bookmarks to show her - which I did!!!  I came home with a few less!!

Why am I telling you?  Well amongst the things she bought were the larger magnetic butterfly bookmarks so I came home with just one to list!! So towards the end of the afternoon I managed to get the 'remains' listed here!!!  Then I woke up this morning to find that 2 had already flown the 'nest'.  No, that's wrong - butterflies don't 'live' in nests but  you know what I mean!!!

I did finish off another of the larger ones last night (see below) and will put it in the shop either later today or tomorrow.  They are slightly more expensive because they do take a lot more time.  I'm also going to do a few along this line but with hearts dangling - more suggestions always welcome!!  If you ever see anything you want in the store but want it in another colour then do drop me a line.  There is a 'conversation' facility there or you could just send a message to the 'mad old bat in the UK'.

A bit of news about the TIAS.  It's still progressing but slowly!!!

15 December 2010

Phewwww, what a day!!!

I'm talking about yesterday!!!  Instead of bragging about what I've got listed in the Etsy shop I'm going to tell you about what I haven't got!!!  What do they call that?  Hmmmm, negative thinking?  No, that's not it.   Ah, probably being awkward - as usual!!!!  Actually there is just one poor, lonely, hookless Pop a Bobbin still left needing a new home!

The shuttles just flew out.  I hardly had time for my lunch.  It's quite a task when things happen that quickly - well, it is for an OG.  Needs concentration getting the right things in the right packets etc and then I have to fill in a spreadsheet to keep a track of Etsy and Paypal charges'.  When I've finally got that sorted I send Sally and 'im in the garage the money to go towards more wood etc!!!

Interestingly I sold both of the last magnetic bookmarks which were in the shop too.  I do have several more (5 or 6) but haven't listed those yet as I'm taking them to show the lass who organises us volunteers for Silver Surfers.  We're having our Christmas lunch today after the teaching session at the library.  I'll list any that don't sell in the shop on Thursday.  

Oh, for those who don't know (and I bet you dooooo) there is now an option to list your items in other currencies.  I nearly changed mine to GBP but decided I now work better in USD!!!!  Strange woman that I am!!!!  Another change I noticed was that when you go to Etsy without being signed in you're given the option to view in another currency.  Clever lot those guys and gals who run that online store.

14 December 2010

More shuttles

Yesterday I put an extra 'bit' onto my blog post in the early evening.

The reason was because I wanted to let everybody know that I had spent the whole afternoon photographing, sorting and listing shuttles here.

This time 'im in the garage has excelled himself and a variety are going 'live' shortly after I've posted this piece.  

I must apologise for the short warning on these but I wanted to get them listed so that anybody in the UK and who doesn't use Royal Fail will be able to buy and receive them for Christmas.  

They MAY even get to the USA in time too but I'm not going to hold my breath on that!!!  Here are some of the newbies in the shop.

13 December 2010


Not a real emergency but just a post to let people know that I'll be listing more shuttles in the Etsy shop tomorrow morning - hopefully just after my regular blog post!!!  There will be a few pop a bobbins with hooks and lots without.  Post shuttles of various sizes too!!!  Large, medium and ornery!!!

The reason for this last minute warning is because some may just reach their destinations before Christmas!!!

I do wish you all lived close by where I live then you could ALL come round for a cuppa tea and see the new shuttles in 'real life'.  I haven't got a scan or photo of them yet myself (although they are here in a box by my side) so you'll have to have a look at them on Sally's blog here. 

I'm hoping to get them listed by the middle of the week so keep your fingers crossed - I'll give you a 24 hour 'warning' on when and the time!!!  There's a huge variety this time of small, medium and large shuttles with post and regular pop a bobbins too.  Also I noticed there are Pop a bobbins with no hooks as well.  I think 'im in the garage has had fun and excelled himself.   They're gonna take some sorting, but heck - that'll keep me quiet for a few hours!!!
Just going to show you what I get up to when I've fallen out with the TIAS!!!  I'm going to start listing these in Etsy towards the end of the week - if I've got any left.  I'm finding they're selling amongst friends and aquaintances very well.  There are only three here but I scanned them twice so you could the butterflies without having to stand on your head!!!!

11 December 2010

Four more little stinkers!!

The fight with the magnets continues!!!!  Why do I do it, I ask myself?!?!

These four had me giggling as I was placing them on the platen of the scanner.  Why?  Well the little stinkers kept trying and trying to 'get together' with each other!!!

The TIAS does continue to please and frustrate me as I keep re-doing it.  I'm not happy with certain 'parts' so have to do the whole thing over and over again.  Still I guess it keeps me from getting into more mischief!!!!

I did start drawing it up as I think the 'worst bits' are towards the end.  

10 December 2010

I'm pleased to report!!!

I'm pleased to tell you all (not that you're interested, perhaps!!!!) but our Royal Fail is now returning to becoming Royal Mail!!!!  

On Wednesday we were 'woken up' (well we were sort of up!) by a tremendous noise of somebody trying to break in.  Well it sounded like that!  Did I ever tell you about the 'incident of the man on the roof''?  Anyway it turned out to be a postman delivering a pile of mail.  Now our normal (that was when things were normal) delivery time varies from half past eleven in the morning til four o'clock in the afternoon so this was a real surprise.

So, being a bear of little brain and a fully paid up member of the skeptics society I thought this was just a 'one off' so I didn't get too excited.  

You could've knocked me down with a feather when another postie arrived yesterday around one o'clock ish to deliver another pile of mail.  I managed to speak to him and he said things were getting back to normal - YIPPPEEEEE.  

Why am I so excited?  Well, I won a lot of beads on Ebay two days ago!!!!  I tend to shop a lot on Ebay (and sell too!) and recently have met some really fantastic people.  These I've met both as a seller (buyer collects just lately) and through the post (magnetsmagnetsmagnets) so it's really great to have our postal service in 'recovery mode' and things being delivered quickly.   The guy that I've been buying magnets from has been soooo friendly and helpful - way beyond the normal seller.  So I leave you as one very happy OG today!!!!!!

9 December 2010

Nothing to tease you with - BUT

I left the TIAS alone yesterday evening as I was very fed up with it after Monday's attempt!!!  I was going to start drawing it in the afternoon but somehow that escaped from me too - the afternoon, I mean!!!  I need to start drawing as I have to check those against the text but as I'm still changing the text, well ......................

So instead I did this magnetic bookmark!!!  Just for the thrill of it!!!  Well, not only that but because Lace Lovin' Librarian said she loved blue and I thought 'why not'??!?!!!  This one will go into my Etsy shop at some point - when I get myself organised to take 'proper' pictures of it!!!

Making these are a bit of a nightmare as the wretched magnets keep diving for each other.  I think I just like being annoyed so that's why I keep making them!!!

8 December 2010

A trip down the road!

Yesterday morning I did a small Christmas Fair.  It was actually at an old people's place quite close to us (not the one where I teach Silver Surfers).  I was asked sometime ago if I'd like to have a table there to sell my work so I thought 'why not'!!!

To be honest I wasn't particularly happy there as the main tables (the residents had their 'stuff' on them) were one side of the room and I had a very small table opposite them and a fair distance away.  I felt as if I were a leper!!!  They (the residents) sat there and nattered to each other all morning but made very little attempt to speak to me and only one came across the room to see what I was selling.  Still I sat and tatted away and other friends came in from other parts of town to take part in an exercise class so that wasn't too bad.  On the residents selling table one lady was selling handmade Christmas cards but the rest of the stuff was bric a brac.  

I did sell a few things and amazingly two pairs of black very shiny and very pretty earrings.  They've been in my Etsy shop on several occasions but didn't sell.  One lady took a look at them and oooohed and aaaahed over them, snatched them up and bought them!!!  I was actually going to keep these for myself as they are so very pretty but I do have rather a lot of earwigs!!! 

The reason they haven't sold in the shop online?  I think it's a lot to do with the sparkle not showing up so well and waaaaay too many earrings to be bought online.  These are the ones I sold!!!!

7 December 2010

Frustration, frustration, frustration!!

Why oh why do I start these things?  I decided a few weeks ago to do the Tat It And See (TIAS) and eventually thought of the first necessity - a design.

Since then I've thought, slept, walked (I do most of my 'designing' in my head and on the hoof) and even dreamed about the 'thing'!!!

I think I'm on about version four now.  I cannot design totally on 'paper' or using a drawing package - I HAVE to tat it.  

So, after version 3 I realised that I could start it in a different place and that would enable me to 'keep the secret' even longer (I HOPE).  That's the fun of being the 'only one' who knows what it is.  For me it's all about the fun of keeping everybody guessing that makes these interim frustrations so worthwhile. 
So, instead of talking (or should that be 'typing') about it I'd better get the fingers back onto the shuttles!!!  Here's a 'sneak preview'!!!!

6 December 2010

It occurred to me!!

I was gobsmacked that I could be so stupid as to assume that anybody drifting onto this blog would know what a TIAS was!!!!  So I'll explain.

The TAT IT AND SEE is a pattern which is released in 'bite sized' pieces every few days over the space of a few weeks.  The idea is that the tatter works it without knowing what they're making.  Well, you know it's going to be a surprise but that's all!!!

I normally add any techniques which might be new to new tatters.  I tend to assume that everybody will know how to do a ring, chain, self closing mock ring and a split ring.  Anything else is explained with diagrams.  

As the different parts are worked and (it's not compulsory!) pictures of work in progress are sent to me then I add them to the TIAS blog along with the comments - some of which are hilarious.

4 December 2010

The secret!!!!

Thanks for joining in the fun yesterday and a big thank you to Sally who didn't let on what the secret is!!!!

Geraldine was the first to guess so well done - you must know how my brain works!!!!

Ann - I've no idea who Justin Bieber is so perhaps you could enlighten me?

Josie?  That's just the biggest joke of the lot!!!!!

Crazy Mom - glad you kept your guess private as I think pigs are more likely to fly than your suggestion!!!

I'm sorry to everybody who thought it was going to be a book.  I doubt that will ever, ever happen as I really don't want to start charging money for what I do.  The Etsy store fills my Paypal up and then I empty it again on threads, beads and other 'stuff'!!!!  What more do I need?  Not fame or fortune as I have a roof over my head and food in the fridge - although at the moment it's almost colder outside than in the fridge!!!

The answer is that I've started work on another TIAS!!!  The idea has percolated (with the help of brain cell 3) and has now started it's life on the shuttles!!!  If I were to show you what it's going to be at the moment you'd never recognise it - it's REALLY naff!!!!!  Hopefully it will improve and turn into what I'm hoping it will be.

IF I don't get sidetracked I'm hoping to start in mid January during the 'dull season'.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works!!!!

3 December 2010

I've got a secret!

Can you guess what it is?  
NO, I'm not pregnant - that would be impossible!!!

NO, I'm not about to leave home!!!  Too cold!!!

NO, I'm not giving up tatting!!!

Go on, guess!!!!

2 December 2010


Here's another of the new magnetic bookmarks.  I am using the one I made for MEEE and can report that it's really and honestly the best bookmark I've ever had.  

No more scrabbling around in the bed for the 'missing bookmark' when I'm sleepy and need it.  This stays exactly where it's put.  In fact I'm using it almost as a 'timer' when I'm reading in the mornings.  

As it 'reaches' over 20 + pages I tell myself that when the two parts 'meet' then  I must get out of bed!!!!!  I move it to the  right hand edge of the book so that I can turn the pages without taking it out and thus when I get the two magnets to meet without pages between it's time to get up - unless I've reached an exciting part, of course!!!!

Not sure if this will go in the Etsy shop as nothing seems to be happening there very much.  My fault entirely.  Shall I admit why I love that shop?  Well, it's a bit like selling on Ebay.  I like to look every day (sometimes several times a day) to see how many people have looked at the items!!!  One of the bookmarks has now reached 105 views already!!!!  Now, isn't that sad?  I wonder if any other shop owners are like me - come on, fess up!!!  Poor old woman sitting here really only interested in who's looking!!!   

Perhaps I need a psychiatrist or even the 'men in white coats'.  One of the many ways I amuse myself!!!!

1 December 2010

Winsome Drops!

These seem to be very popular and the bonus is that I still love making them!!!  

I've got just two of the small heart beads left in green now so will have to get more IF I can find them!!!!

These are all for one person to choose which she wants - just hope she doesn't want the pale blue ones as I'd like those for myself!!!!!

I could make another pair but I'm also pretty sure I've run out of those too!!!!  I have got a couple of lovely beads which were given to me, with dolphins on.  I'm going to use those on a pair.  The main problem is - what do I do with all these?  They don't seem to sell in the shop although amongst friends and acquaintances they do!!!!  Straaaange!!!!!

30 November 2010

Comments on blogs.

All comments on my blog are read and this one from Karrieann about this post I appreciated as usual.  She said:-

"Jane.. what if you attach the butterfly at the other end.. the head end? The reason I even brought this up... it would be upside down when in place. Know what I mean? I think the butterfly is beautiful though!"

I knew that Karrieann was right and I did think the same whilst I was attaching the butterfly to the bookmark but I really, really, REALLY wanted to try out new feelers on it!!!!  First of all I'll tell you about the feelers.  

When I finished the butterfly I wanted more 'substantial' feelers which are the last things in the pattern.  So using my fine (for putting beads on picots) crochet hook I made chains with the ends instead of cutting them off straight away.  I'll definitely be using this 'trick' again in future!!!

So I decided to re-cycle the original butterfly and you can see that below with the new crocheted feelers!!!!  I managed to only 'waste' about half a yard of thread (very precious HDT) on the task too as I carefully cut and then used the chain thread for the core of the double double stitch tail instead.

Next to re-cycle the bookmark I made for meeeee!!!  This time it will lie the 'right way up' when outside the book but this one I made usinig a mock ring for the head and adding beads to feelers.  There was again some adjustment to the stitch count too.  If anybody wants more details on this then I'm happy to tell them 'how to'!!!!

I think if I ever get to put this magnetic bookmark in the Etsy shop it will have to be called the Rolls Royce version as it takes a tad longer to make and is just (IMHO) SO pretty. If you want one then do ask - I'll be only too happy to make one.

29 November 2010


I'm going to show you what I've been doing over the weekend.  

This first little pattern was designed in 1992 by Carolyn Regnier (here's her email addy) and was published in her book 'Tatted Suncatchers and Snowflakes'.  She says she still has a few copies left.  I bought the book around that time too.

This is the pattern I chose to do but (my apologies to Carolyn) I've sort of played with it a bit.  Not a lot, just a bit!!!  I used a SCMR to replace the long chain and also did a split chain at the end so that a couple of split rings would take me out of the centre and end up with a hanging thread.  BUT it's still Carolyn's and the stitch count is the same.  I've also added beads 'as you do'!

The second snowflake is a hybrid which started off from one in Patti Duff's Mini Tats (a great buy for anybody who has just started tatting).  I added a SCMR to this one too with the 'odd' vsp to stabilise it.

The reason for these?  I'm doing a small fair at an old folks home on the 7th and suddenly remembered it was Christmas soon so why not a few snowflakes!!!  Oh we also had some early snow on Friday/Saturday too - brrrrrrrr.

27 November 2010

Did you guess?

Remember me talking about this design a couple of days ago?

Well I had a few comments about this pattern and it surprised me!!!  Why?  Well it's one of my patterns!!!  

I was dreading that somebody would say that it belonged to them as I have seen similar 'out there'.  It could easily be worked covering the ring first, of course, but back when I did it I wanted/needed something fast to tat.

The original pattern (which is here) was made on a larger cabone ring but as I found out with the transparent one - it can be worked on any size.  Just work the centre until you 'fill up' the ring and then work your way out!!!!  I made loads of these back in 2004/2005 as giveaways.

26 November 2010

A present for MEEEEE

What is it?  Did it come in a packet from overseas or the UK? No, it came from somebody who's totally bonkers.  It came from ME!!  Ah, what is it you may ask?  Well, it's a magnetic bookmark. This is a new 'breed' too!!!  Happy Black Friday to Jane!!!!

Another small idea hits Tat Land.  No, it's not in my shop (although it could be if I got anybody asking for the new version!!!!) - it's in my book!!!!  No, I'm not doing a tatting pattern book it's the one I'm reading at the moment - a novel.

I thought it was time to treat myself.  I decided to 're-cycle' the test bookmark and make myself one.  What I REALLY love about these is that they never, ever fall out of the book.  Even when  you forget and chuck it across the room (not that I would EVER do that but I do have a tendency to fall asleep while reading!) this design of bookmark never falls out!!!  It's honestly the answer to all I've been wanting from a bookmark - reliability!!!!

It's the only thing in my life that stays where it's put - everything else moves around behind my back!!  Honestly.  I put things down in this house and they MOVE.  Everything does.  Before you say it - it's not my memory (that's my excuse!!) - I reckon this house is haunted by gremlins who are larking around with the aged brain!!!!  OR is it just 'me'?!?!?!?

Update on the post.  We're having a letter delivery each day (well, Wednesday and Thursday!) and mail from 2/3 weeks ago and a few days (there must be a whole lot in between missing) is now turning up.  Small packets?  Tat's another story!!!

25 November 2010

Bored with the Flurry pattern!!

I knew it would happen - I got bored with the Flurry pattern!!!  

So with shuttles still 'sporting' a few yards of the metallic I found a clear cabone ring and made this!!!!  Have you seen it before?  If so then please let me know!

Update on our local postal problems.  After no post for two days we got two deliveries of letters today.  These are at least two weeks overdue.  Later some neighbours got some of the small packets which are still 'stuck in the system' and the postie said that things were probably slightly worse up at the local sorting office!!!  

24 November 2010

Are you getting bored?

Two more of the flurries in the drop dead gorgeous thread.  I think I'm getting bored now but I still have a few more to do to have enough to give to folks!!!

Postal update.  We have had NO mail since Sunday!!!  I rang and filed an official complaint in the end.  Not at the local office but 'elsewhere'.  The lady said that this area was no longer 'flagged' for problems.  She's SO WRONG.  No idea what we can do now.  Mail is outstanding for nearly three weeks now.  Things we know have been sent or despatched via small packets still haven't arrived.  Including a cheque which I want/need!!!!  This is the result of 'rationalisation and progress'!!!!  What a JOKE!!!!

23 November 2010

I did it!!!!

I resisted the very, very real urge to recycle the Victorian purse  (cut it and chuck it) and finished all the tatting on it!!!

I was extra careful when tatting the second side and made sure that all the beads were lying beautifully before and after closing the ring.  That didn't work either!!!  

So I 'bit the bullet' and finished off the outer round which I used to join the two sides up.  The outcome?  It is IMHO just as bad as ever and is now probably doomed to stay like this for eternity!!!!  

I may line the purse but I don't think I'll put it in a clasp at the top as that would hide the beads.  Unless I line it with fabric and then add a clasp to that!!!  One day, maybe but meanwhile the whole thing has been 'laid to rest'!!!

22 November 2010

Just to make life more interesting!!!

First of all - we had MAIL.  Yesterday (yes, Sunday) our small packets (well, some of them!) arrived so the one I really needed can now be dealt with today.

This is the Flurry Snowflake done in my very, very favourite metallic thread which can be bought from Tatting and Design.  I've never got on very well with Lyn's cotton Turkish threads but this one is to DIE for.  It's so sparkly and tats up a dream.  This is where to find it.  

I'm going to make two more with this thread and then I want to try something else!!!!  I'm getting bored with this pattern now but know I'll go back to it again sometime!!!  That's what I do!!!!

20 November 2010

Back to 'Flurrying'

Well the good news first of all is that LAST WEEK'S post finally arrived yesterday - a very important letter posted first class (which in theory should arrive the following day) was 9 days late!!!  A few other letters arrived but still no sign of the missing cheque or six missing small packets - two of which are mine and badly needed.  I do know that mail is going out fine, though, and one or two buyers of shuttles last week have already got theirs.

Have you ever met an angry Jane?  A rare and interesting breed!!  A really frustrated and angry old git called Jane?  Well a certain 'manager' of the local sorting office did yesterday and I managed to have an audience too! who were backing me up!!!  He assures me/them that we will get our mail tomorrow or Sunday but they're now 65,000 pieces of mail behind! (up from 40,000 which was the figure given in the local paper in the morning)!!  Did you see the flying pigs too?  Last seen heading towards the hills!!!!!!

Well back to the serious stuff.  I got sidetracked yesterday evening (great 'talking' to you on Chatzy, Georgia) so only got one Flurry Snowflake done.  Below are the ones I did on Wednesday evening.  I need to do approximately another six but in Christmas colours as they'll be for the grandkids and family.  The reason for all the 'non Christmas' colours is that a lot of my friends never put them away and keep them 'hanging around' all year!!!

19 November 2010

A trilogy and a change of mind!!!!

I was feeling really lazy the other evening and hadn't got any beads sorted to make more Flurry Snowflakes so just grabbed the ones I'd got sitting next to me!!!

I like making the butterfly bookmarks but this time decided to use the double double stitch (thank you Rhoda Auld - 1976) for the tail. It gives a much, much better result, I think.  Must go and change the pattern on the web page sometime.

Another day gone and STILL no post so no more magnetic bookworm bookmarks can be made!!  We had two letters on Wednesday - one of which was my new bank pin number - megga big phewwwww!!!!  The very important letter posted first class is now over a week late and a big cheque for money owed to me has still not arrived.  I rarely get angry but I am at the moment.

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Happy Beaks
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