4 December 2010

The secret!!!!

Thanks for joining in the fun yesterday and a big thank you to Sally who didn't let on what the secret is!!!!

Geraldine was the first to guess so well done - you must know how my brain works!!!!

Ann - I've no idea who Justin Bieber is so perhaps you could enlighten me?

Josie?  That's just the biggest joke of the lot!!!!!

Crazy Mom - glad you kept your guess private as I think pigs are more likely to fly than your suggestion!!!

I'm sorry to everybody who thought it was going to be a book.  I doubt that will ever, ever happen as I really don't want to start charging money for what I do.  The Etsy store fills my Paypal up and then I empty it again on threads, beads and other 'stuff'!!!!  What more do I need?  Not fame or fortune as I have a roof over my head and food in the fridge - although at the moment it's almost colder outside than in the fridge!!!

The answer is that I've started work on another TIAS!!!  The idea has percolated (with the help of brain cell 3) and has now started it's life on the shuttles!!!  If I were to show you what it's going to be at the moment you'd never recognise it - it's REALLY naff!!!!!  Hopefully it will improve and turn into what I'm hoping it will be.

IF I don't get sidetracked I'm hoping to start in mid January during the 'dull season'.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works!!!!


Marty said...

Hooray, hooray!! Just what I need to set up the new year just right. I can hardly wait!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, I hope my poor pea brain is up to it this year! I have yet to finish one... it's like all my brain cells decide to take a vacation right after the holidays. I'm looking forward to it, Jane!

Bonnie said...


Josie Passell said...

Dame Jane has a certain 'ring' to it. But I am pleased about the tias.
happy tatting

Tatenup said...

I can't wait!

Sally Kerson said...

Ah big sister will not tell me what the TIAS is this time, so there is no good bribing to know! Not that you would!!! Will just have to join in like the rest of you.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

How exciting! I love the TIAs even though I'm usually getting in on the fun about the time everyone else is finishing up. Can hardly wait.

Maureen said...

Next year I want to join in! - I had to watch Norman from a distance.
It will become a New Year tradition, so that the year won't get off to a proper start without your TIAS!

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

what is a TIAs...

Karen said...

Wait for Christmas.
Wait for the New Year.
Wait for Jane's TIAS.
Good things come from waiting! I'm looking forward to TIAS 2011! Karen

Valerie said...

Ahh, Jane, I missed out on guessing yesterday as I didn't get a chance to turn on my computer! But Yay! I'm going to watch for the TIAS coming up. You are so cool. :)

Ridgewoman said...

Tat it and See in mid January. That annual pilgrimage into a puzzle for which we have no picture. Tatting something that one does not know - till the end - what it is!
Sadly, sometimes even after tatting a TIAS; mine does not resemble the goal or is a loose translation thereof. But my Ralph the Rooster did okay, the hen is not faring as well but the chicks are a delight (and quick, Diane).
Too much fun…will join in and keep my toes crossed (I need my fingers and eyes for this). xxxx P

Anonymous said...

haha ... I'm just like Tatknot and Ridgewoman... Don't usually get started til everyone else is finishing up, and then my work doesn't resemble what it's supposed to LOL

So looking forward to the fun, Lady Jane!

Margarets designer cards said...

Only a few weeks to new year and then sometime in January you will show us your tias, cant wait.
Hope you are keeping warm and safe.
take care in the snow

Tatman said...

I should have guessed your secret, because you told me the day before this post you were thinking hard about what design you were going to do for the next TIAS! Guess my brain wasn't up to snuff for a guessing game LOL!

Coretta of corettadeesign said...

You may not need fame Jane, but because you are so willing to share your knowledge and tatting, in the tatting world you've got the fame anyway!

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