1 December 2010

Winsome Drops!

These seem to be very popular and the bonus is that I still love making them!!!  

I've got just two of the small heart beads left in green now so will have to get more IF I can find them!!!!

These are all for one person to choose which she wants - just hope she doesn't want the pale blue ones as I'd like those for myself!!!!!

I could make another pair but I'm also pretty sure I've run out of those too!!!!  I have got a couple of lovely beads which were given to me, with dolphins on.  I'm going to use those on a pair.  The main problem is - what do I do with all these?  They don't seem to sell in the shop although amongst friends and acquaintances they do!!!!  Straaaange!!!!!


  1. I love this earring pattern! My favorite here is the light blue earring in the middle. I was wondering what size heart bead you were using here? DS9 Design


    has a very nice collection of 6mm heart beads in all colors. I just ordered a bunch from Debbie.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I agree, those pale blues one are exquisite!

    But I like them all!

  3. There is so many beads you can use in this pattern, the ones you have used are just right.


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Happy Beaks
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