2 December 2010


Here's another of the new magnetic bookmarks.  I am using the one I made for MEEE and can report that it's really and honestly the best bookmark I've ever had.  

No more scrabbling around in the bed for the 'missing bookmark' when I'm sleepy and need it.  This stays exactly where it's put.  In fact I'm using it almost as a 'timer' when I'm reading in the mornings.  

As it 'reaches' over 20 + pages I tell myself that when the two parts 'meet' then  I must get out of bed!!!!!  I move it to the  right hand edge of the book so that I can turn the pages without taking it out and thus when I get the two magnets to meet without pages between it's time to get up - unless I've reached an exciting part, of course!!!!

Not sure if this will go in the Etsy shop as nothing seems to be happening there very much.  My fault entirely.  Shall I admit why I love that shop?  Well, it's a bit like selling on Ebay.  I like to look every day (sometimes several times a day) to see how many people have looked at the items!!!  One of the bookmarks has now reached 105 views already!!!!  Now, isn't that sad?  I wonder if any other shop owners are like me - come on, fess up!!!  Poor old woman sitting here really only interested in who's looking!!!   

Perhaps I need a psychiatrist or even the 'men in white coats'.  One of the many ways I amuse myself!!!!


Karen said...

No, Jane. No psychiatrist. No men in white coats. They might try to make a change! Keep being Jane. That's who we love. Karen in OR

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I think this is my favorite bookmark so far! If only it were in blue... (hint... wink! wink!).

Honestly, I haven't been going to Etsy for one simple reason... I find it too hard to resist. However, if one of the babies appeared in blue...

Well, you get the idea!

Miranda said...

Well, it is interesting to see who's looking at your stuff. I follow my blog stats obsessively, always wondering what all those people in Poland and Iran are finding so fascinating about me.

I've been avoiding Etsy for the same reason as Diane-- it's just too rough on the old PayPal account. Not that I've ever seen anything on Etsy that I considered overpriced, considering the work that goes into it all. It's just that I need to bring the budget under control.

Ridgewoman said...

I'm hopeless at keeping my budget under control; I've thrown in the towel. I like to visit your shop, too. LOL As you well know.
If people really knew how neat and ingenious (yes that word again ~ but it fits) the bookmarks are; they'd fly out.
I love mine…And no small feat to tat either from the looks of mine!
Remember that old song, "Away, Away, I'm going away, with the men in the little white coats. I'm all dressed up in my best bonnet, the bird cage with a bird perched on it! Away. . .Away. . ."
You wil have company, I'll be right there with you. LOL
xxxx P

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