10 August 2013

Pattern available

During the small space of a whole child free day I've managed to shop, do the dreaded H word, add the last (made BK - before kids) Tatting Tidy to Etsy and finished off the pattern for these brooches which one or two of you may be interested in.  They really are an easy and fast tat.  

The pattern is here and I hope you enjoy making them.

I've added a bit more clarity to the index/home page on my site after a discussion with another tatter.  While I happily give my patterns away I do like to limit the use of them so that they aren't being sold online anywhere.  This might sound a bit mean but it does allow me to fund my thread and bead addiction and pays for the web space!!!!

The patterns may be hosted on freeservers but I promise you it ain't free!!!!  

9 August 2013

Yet more brooch colours

Don't leave me - don't fall asleep but here are a few more!!!  

Hopefully these won't go through a washing machine!!!  I've now got loads of these brooches done (with a few more to show you) but have no idea why!!!!

One of the grandchildren asked me why I tat and make so many things.  The truth is simply because I like making things.  Everything I make is so different.  Whatever and however - I live to make.  Sometimes I admit it's mischief I make and not something to show but I doooooo love making.

I've also listed more Tatting Tidy pots too - the comments I'm getting from those who have bought them have been extremely encouraging as they finding them very useful in the battle to 'keep tidy'.  

8 August 2013

Button rescued!!!

A tragic accident has occurred.  I made the button brooches last week and immediately chose one to wear each day.  I did well for about three or four days but due to BC3 being too tired one evening I forgot to remove it from my tshirt at bedtime.  

So a few days later a very, very crumpled brooch was found after a trip through the washing machine still clinging determinedly to my tshirt.  It was dry, sad and very crumpled.  So what does an OG do?  I say 'never say die' so I took the poor thing into the bathroom, damped it, pulled it back into shape and used the white glue to re-stiffen it.  Here it is in all it's glory and a good advert for Jess's threads.  BUT not a good advert for the beads which were purple when they were included in the work - you can see the comparison on this link.

Still it looks just as good to me when I wear it so I'm not throwing it away!!!!

6 August 2013

Martha's teapot

Before I start - I'm just going to add two more Tatting Tidy pots to the Etsy shop here.  I managed to get the photos done in between the chaos!!!

I've got a sneaky suspicion that Martha Ess has some English in her!!  Why?  Well I think she's got an obsession with teapots!!!  I've got her book of teapots which I LOVE.  I particularly like the miniature tea set which I made ages ago.

I love the way Martha's patterns are laid out and when she asks me to test tat I'm always there to take anything on because I know it'll be pure pleasure.  So when she asked me to test tat another teapot - which is below I jumped at the chance.

Well the good news is that Martha has listed the pattern in her Etsy shop here.  This little celtic teapot is pure joy to tat.

Fortunately I had the right sized buttons at hand and off I went!!!

5 August 2013

Jess's colours part 2

Well I managed to make a few more Tatting Tidy containers on Saturday before the latest 'child invasion' occurred yesterday.  Now I will have to take the photos, crop, re-size and list - none of which are my favourite jobs!!!  I hope to get that done in 'odd moments' over this next week!!!  Children and weather permitting!!

The way I work with these projects is to clear the table of whatever we've both dumped there and then cut out all the parts of around six to ten items.  This takes quite a long time.  Then I tidy up that part and do the preparation - ironing each part, ironing on vilene, measuring and pinning the 'pockets' etc.  Then the real treat - I sit and sew.  

In the evenings it's 'tatting time' as you can see below.  More of Jess's colours.

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Happy Beaks
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