5 August 2013

Jess's colours part 2

Well I managed to make a few more Tatting Tidy containers on Saturday before the latest 'child invasion' occurred yesterday.  Now I will have to take the photos, crop, re-size and list - none of which are my favourite jobs!!!  I hope to get that done in 'odd moments' over this next week!!!  Children and weather permitting!!

The way I work with these projects is to clear the table of whatever we've both dumped there and then cut out all the parts of around six to ten items.  This takes quite a long time.  Then I tidy up that part and do the preparation - ironing each part, ironing on vilene, measuring and pinning the 'pockets' etc.  Then the real treat - I sit and sew.  

In the evenings it's 'tatting time' as you can see below.  More of Jess's colours.


Maureen said...

You're having fun with all those gorgeous bright threads, aren't you? - I seem to have a lot of turquoise in my wardrobe, so I'd like to see one in those tones. Or black and cream with pearl beads - I'd wear that too.

Madtatter80 said...

I have a ruff time with the picture taking too and it's weird, you've got to take them or no one will see them!

** jess! ** said...

I absolutely love these! They make my heart happy :o)

God's Kid said...

Awesome!! :)

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