1 March 2019

Multi motif finished

Well here it is - the final motif sorted.

I've updated the pattern page now so I'm hoping it will be easier to follow the patterns. I guess it's a case of 'five for the price of one' but as they're free that doesn't work!!!

The alternative centres have been sorted too so if you fancy making them and don't have cabone rings they're still possible.

28 February 2019

A second tree

This morning I'm showing you the second tree!!! Obviously I couldn't avoid putting some tatting on a tree forever so I did with this one!! 

I've used some size 10 thread which was very kindly given to me a few years ago. These are HDT by Marilee and have been in my stash as I don't usually use size 10. BUT they were absolutely ideal for this project. Thank you Sue Anna who gave them to me as they were 'just right' for this.

Actually I must admit to enjoying the size 10 after a while. I do like the 'boldness' of it and the others in the group seemed to think they were fine. In fact I was asked to do some star shapes for another member which was very flattering.

27 February 2019

Two more pouches

There should've been three here but one got 'stolen' off me on Friday. 

I'd made another almost exactly the same as this one and took the three of them to Crafternoon to finish off. I took these photos before I went. 

The original one had already gone to a friend who saw me finishing it off last Tuesday!!! I've never made anything that's been as popular as this and neither of the purchasers is a tatter so they obviously will have many uses and not just for carrying round small tatting projects 'on the go'!!!

Well I finished the three off at Crafternoon (sewed on the shank buttons) and immediately one of the ladies got hold of the second rose one and insisted that she was going to pay me for it and keep it!!! 

Now was I going to argue? NO WA Y!!! 

The fabric for these two below was sent to me by Sandra (Crazy Mom Tats) and I absolutely ADORE them. I think the cat one may well be on it's way to Atlanta at some point!!! Cats on the inside and cats on the outside too!! I've got some left of these two fabrics so hope I can squeeze two more out of it. We'll see!!! 

26 February 2019

Motif number four

Another version of the multi motif has been 'dealt' with!!! Another five pointed one. 

This is number four of the five. Nearly there!!! 

I'm hoping to get the project finished by the end of this week as another is 'lurking' in the background!!! I need to tat a few small things for a present so I'll do those at some point too.

What a busy time!!!

25 February 2019

Meet Shadow

Now this is a project that came about because a lady mentioned my name on Facebook and that came into my inbox (I don't 'do' Facebook unless I see something interesting in my inbox). She kindly admitted that she'd used parts of two of my patterns to make a cat. I was intrigued so toddled over to see what she'd used. Well all I could see was the one seahorse pattern used as a tail.

I got in touch with her to ask if she needed help with drawings as she'd not written it up. Thereby started a couple of months of discussions etc. She'd given the cat she'd made away so had to work mainly from memory. In the end and despite computer and camera problems at her end we've managed to finish Shadow. 

I'm very happy to give you the link directly to Shadow but you can also find him/her in the Guest Designers section of my site. 

Here is my final test tat.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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