24 October 2015


When I was taken to an antiques and collectibles fair right out in the sticks in Canada I found these three shuttles which I simply HAD to buy. 

I think the most interesting one is the one in the middle which is French Ivory - here's a link. Now this isn't real ivory, thank goodness, but a type of plastic. I wonder how well that rather large hook would work, though?

23 October 2015


I think this is one of the most useful ideas I gleaned on my Canadian trip. I've no idea who realised how useful these little net tubes could be for tatters. I've searched and searched online for a source to buy more but I've failed dismally. All I can tell you is that they are WONDERFUL for putting balls of thread in. 

My threads get tangled in the storage I use and that drives me MAD. These are the answer to those frustrations. Thank you Fringe Tatters for these useful little tubes.

21 October 2015

Beads and threads

Well if you remember (or not!!) I mentioned in a previous post that Karey Solomon had called me evil when she took one of my classes at the Fringe tat days!!! She was chuckling as she said it - several times - so I know she was teasing. Least that's what I keep telling myself!!!!

Now it's MY turn to call HER evil!!! Why? Well because I'd told myself (and Nick) that I wasn't going to buy ANY MORE THREADS. So, what did Karey do? She brought a load to the Fringe and had them there to SELL. I kept walking past them telling myself that I wasn't allowed to buy any but in the end I gave in. Well, who wouldn't? They're DELICIOUS. So, Karey - I'm calling you evil!!! This is a link to Karey's shop but not sure if she sells her threads online. 

Now to the beads. Not a very good picture but these were beads that Jane K gave me. They've got holes at the tops and Jane used them for her mouse family which you can see here. Don't those eyes look great? I can't wait to make more mice with those eyes.  Thank you, Jane - you're a star.

20 October 2015

Thread collector and a needle case

Now these little gems were in the goody bags we were given at the Fringe Tat days. There were LOADS of useful things in there and I'll show you more another day.

Do you like the little thread catcher at the top?  Isn't it GORGEOUS.  That's what it's meant for but mine has become the storage place for my shuttles, scissors and hook when I've finished tatting each evening.  I pop them in there and then don't have to go searching for them the next day.  Inspired or what?

The needle case (with dedicated tatting knot unpicking tools) has also been put to good use too.  I've stocked it with a few pins and some needles (sewing sort) and it's now in - well, I'll tell you.  

I've gone back to doing patchwork which I've not done for about forty years (or more).  I found my old templates and I've made a start.  Please don't ask me what I'm making cause I haven't a CLUE!!!!  So the needle case is in the bag with the patchwork things. 

Another of 'those little birds' told me that Ruth made all these - that's probably nearly or over a 100 for the Tat Days.  They're so very neatly made and a joy to own.  I'm sure she must've been seeing them in her sleep with that amount to make!  That's both thread catchers AND needle cases she made.  That woman has stamina as well as being a neat machinist too.

19 October 2015


This is a calendar with a HUGE difference. This one runs from October 2015 to December 2016. That's unusual but not too different.

The BIG difference is that it's also got a pattern (tatting, of course) for each month. Not wanting to brag but in it there's a wee mermaid that I gave to the group.

Now you're thinking I've lost the plot once more but this time you're wrong!!! I'm just about to tell you where you can get a copy. This calendar was available at the Fringe Element Tatting days last month and I know (cause a little bird told me) that they've got some left. I'd get in touch quickly if you want one (or two or three or more) for presents. The Fringe can be found here and there's an email address on this page too.

Also featured in this are patterns from really well known people too - Martha Ess, Kaye Judt, Kelly Dunn and - well, the old brain's given up again so you'll just have to look.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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