11 September 2012

Just a bookmark

Just a simple Fandango bookmark I made just before our trip started.  I needed something to do to quell the excitement and to stop me worrying about whether I'd forgotten anything!!

I used a number 40 thread for this one which I'm beginning to prefer to my regular size 20 or 80.  Oh, for anybody who doesn't know me - the pattern is here.

10 September 2012


Yes this is a grrrrr post.  Why?  Well I'm finding it more and more difficult to make comments on blog posts because of the word verification thingy.

I am not quite sure why blogger put that option on there as even without it you can moderate comments.  I suppose it stops spam but as I rarely, rarely get spam (and I do blog a lot as you've probably noticed) I can't see why it's there. 

A week or so ago I tried 5 times to leave a comment on Jane's blog and when I finally got there I told her the problem.  I then researched the settings on my own blog (I got rid of the verification some time ago) and sent her this screen shot so she could change hers.  As you can see I've got mine set with 'comment moderation' always and 'show word verification' no!!!!

I hope this helps others who may want to do the same!!  If you go along these lines I'll be able to leave comments without throwing a brick at my computer!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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