26 February 2021

Another housekeeping task

This was just a 'quickie'.
A dear friend pointed out to me that I hadn't got a drawing for the second version of this snowflake.  

I apologise to my sister, Sally, for not doing it sooner.  I must say I much prefer her version to mine.  

I have also managed to move the TIAS files into a folder on my server.  This takes HUGE concentration as I also have to change the links to each previous page on the files too.  Very happy to have got it done.  What does it mean to anybody wanting to do the TIAS from the start (or anywhere else)?  Nothing!!!  You shouldn’t notice anything’s changed at all!!!

25 February 2021

Catching up with myself

It was during the TIAS that I came to realise that I hadn't got a technique page on how to add a bead to a picot.   
I sort of assumed that people would know how to do that and was surprised to find that I hadn't got a page about it either.

So two days ago I decided to 'do something about it'.  

I'm pretty well organised on my filing system so went to the 'tips and techniques' folder and set a new folder for 'adding bead to picot'.  I knew I could use other drawings on my system for the drawings (with a little alteration) so copied those over into the software and the new folder.   

Luckily I hadn't got far into the task when I suddenly noticed I'd already got a folder with the whole thing described and drawn.  So I deleted the new start I'd made and amended the original.  Now PLEASE DO NOT ask me why it never got uploaded!!!  

24 February 2021

I’m back!

After my long holiday on the TIAS blog I’m now back!!!  
Problem is I haven’t got anything particularly interesting to tell and show you on a regular basis yet!!!  

Do you remember this post back last September?  Well I’ve shown you many pictures of this particular Fandango square.  This one has a ring in the middle as I wanted a bit more ‘solidness’ there.  When I stared out on this adventure I had no idea what I was going to make and looking back it took me two months to decide. Here’s where I seem to have come to a decision.

I now have 352 motifs done and that’s ‘it’!!!!  I’m not doing anymore!!!  To be honest I’ve not been bored at all doing them.  In fact each one has been it’s own small adventure.  The poncho is NOT finished as I need to put a border on the neck edge and the bottom too.  That’s going to be another challenge!!!  

Another interesting fact - each motif took roughly an hour and a quarter to make.  I was still making mistakes from time to time and even had to cut out a whole row (8 motifs) when joining the two ‘parts’ together.  

Another fact is that it’s NOT necessary to have each square EXACTLY the same as the last.  A little variation is ‘lost’ when joining so many squares.  Thank goodness!!!!

22 February 2021

Back with a Monday moan

First of all an update on the TIAS.  We now have 95 foxes completed.  I'm a happy tatter!

One of my favourite moans is about Facebook.  I DO NOT like Facebook!!!!  There I’ve said it.  
Why don’t I like it?  I don’t ever go to Facebook unless I’m tagged or want to pass on news (like the next stage of the TIAS).  I do have notifications that go directly into my email box and that’s where I decide if anything is worth looking at.  Most emails are deleted but some I do follow up if only to turn on 'notifications'.

I appreciate the tatting groups, though but really, really have a problem with the way that people don’t read the posts put on there.  Often they don’t read the question asked carefully but mainly they don’t read the answers already given.  The number of times somebody puts the same answer up to a question can be mind boggling.  I realise that there’s a sort of ‘tree’ of answers and comments but people don’t seem to read them and just repeat the same thing over and over.

I’m sure that there are some very interesting things going on on Facebook in the tatting world but If I wanted to look something up that I’d seen a week before I’m sure I’d never find it.  Things get ‘lost in time’ on that platform.  I prefer my blog (and other people's which I read avidly) where I can look things up and find them easily using the search on the top left corner. 

Monday moan over with and here's an Easter egg to cheer the post up!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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