25 February 2021

Catching up with myself

It was during the TIAS that I came to realise that I hadn't got a technique page on how to add a bead to a picot.   
I sort of assumed that people would know how to do that and was surprised to find that I hadn't got a page about it either.

So two days ago I decided to 'do something about it'.  

I'm pretty well organised on my filing system so went to the 'tips and techniques' folder and set a new folder for 'adding bead to picot'.  I knew I could use other drawings on my system for the drawings (with a little alteration) so copied those over into the software and the new folder.   

Luckily I hadn't got far into the task when I suddenly noticed I'd already got a folder with the whole thing described and drawn.  So I deleted the new start I'd made and amended the original.  Now PLEASE DO NOT ask me why it never got uploaded!!!  


Cassandra R. said...

Hi Jane, just an observation .. it looks like the bead is loaded onto the green thread in the drawing. (Fig. 6) Was this intentional? Just a question of curiosity.. of course we all know what it did to the poor cat. ;)

Lelia said...

thx Jane.

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, yes, Cassandra - the poor old cat!!!! I think it’s correct. The thread should go through the bead and the picot and stay there until the needle is back through the bead so you can then slide the bead onto the picot. Can you check it for me, please by following the destructions? I really appreciate your comment as if it’s wrong I can put it right.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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