19 December 2009

First entry for the quilt square

The first problem I've encountered is what colours should I use on the square!!!  I want it to look as if the tatting has 'grown out' of it and not just been 'plonked on'.

These are the first colours I've chosen!!!!  I think I'm going to use just my own patterns to make it really 'Janey, oh Janey' (to use Sherry's expression!!!!).  The lighter green on this motif is just SO pretty.  Really 'crisp'.

Oh, I found my 'spare' hook so all is back to normal here!!!

18 December 2009

Oh, dear - it's broken

Well that's the end of a wonderful relationship.  The end of this dear little hook has broken.  

Not only has it been a constant companion for over two years it's also holds many fond memories of Palmetto Tat Days the year before last.  That would be 2007.

I bought this off Georgia Seitz and it's been with me ever since.  

BUT all is not quite lost - I bought two 'just in case'.  Now after Christmas I'll order another from Georgia 'just in case' the other one dies.  Mind, I've yet to find it in my muddle!!!

I think I'll also treat myself to one of Sherry's pen hooks too - if they go as fine as this one.  I've had hooks break before - must be mental fatigue.  

Nope, not a typo - just living with me must drive them mental!!!

17 December 2009

A new challenge and a treat for ME!!

This is the quilt square that I picked out of Georgia's 'stash' at Palmetto.  I've never done one of these before so that's the challenge part of the title.

The idea is to put tatting on it and return it to her.  A quilt is then going to be made and sold in order to raise money for the scholarship fund which Palmetto distribute to tatters who could not otherwise afford to attend Tat Days.  

The treat part?  Allowing myself to do something for pleasure and not the pain of the design process!!!

I'll blog the pieces I make for this as I do them.  Now I'm dying to 'get started'!!!

16 December 2009

Jealousy will get you nowhere

Look what came in the post yesterday.

This gorgeous star necklace.  Now who was it who so kindly gave it to me?  Jennifer from this blog.

I'm just SO tempted by beading now.  Shall I give up tatting?  Hmmm, I'm seriously thinking about having a go at beading.  

My biggest problem is working with beads.  I use my laptop to notate patterns as I go along and sometimes the beads jump onto the keyboard and get under the keys.  

Then I have to wait for Nick to go out of the room so I can surreptitiously turn the  darn thing upside down and shake it. He's forever telling me NOT to work with beads but as you all know a 'tatters got to do what a tatters got to do'!!!!

15 December 2009

Another flew in!

Only one yesterday as I'm working on something else.

Nope, not telling!!!  It's MY secret for once!!!

Life has been a bit 'problematic' lately so not a lot of time for anything!!!

14 December 2009

A busy day - but!!

I spent most of yesterday working on the TIAS so have nothing to show you!!!!

When I do one of these I work up a pattern in the usual way doing the drawings, text, links etc.  Then when I decide to make it into a TIAS I have to work out where to split the pattern up. 

This ain't as easy as it sounds and is probably the hardest part!!  Once that's done then each 'day' or part has to be set up.

This means taking the original drawings and cutting those up too.  Mind you have to remember to not 'squish' the original drawings up so it's easier to open a new file and copy and paste. 

So, now I've spent many days on this project and nothing to show - YET!!!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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