16 December 2009

Jealousy will get you nowhere

Look what came in the post yesterday.

This gorgeous star necklace.  Now who was it who so kindly gave it to me?  Jennifer from this blog.

I'm just SO tempted by beading now.  Shall I give up tatting?  Hmmm, I'm seriously thinking about having a go at beading.  

My biggest problem is working with beads.  I use my laptop to notate patterns as I go along and sometimes the beads jump onto the keyboard and get under the keys.  

Then I have to wait for Nick to go out of the room so I can surreptitiously turn the  darn thing upside down and shake it. He's forever telling me NOT to work with beads but as you all know a 'tatters got to do what a tatters got to do'!!!!


Bonnie said...

I AM jealous! It is Beautiful.

Carol Lawecki said...

OOHHH LA LA... Fabulous beaded star!! Nice work Jennifer!! You are a lucky lady Jane!!

Anonymous said...

Jane you are so blessed. That is just beautiful.
Mobile, Al.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Jane!
Maybe Santa can bring you one of these silicone covers to fit your keyboard and protect from spills. I'm SURE they were talking about BEAD spills.


The star is beautiful, but please don't forsake tatting!

:) Ann

Katie said...

Wowza! That's just lovely. I like how the beads are stacked on each other. Beads & tatting make my favorite tatting projects.

victats@gmail.com said...

so pretty...I gues keyboards weren't made with beads in mind.

Carla said...

Very beautiful star!

Gina said...

I love it! I've got so much beading stuff just waiting on me to take a break from tatting!

❦TattingChic said...

That is lovely! No, I'm not jealous, just envious! LOL!
Did you get the beads shaken out of your keyboard yet? Can't you send him on an errand to town or something!?! ;)

Tatman said...

Why give up tatting for beading when you can do both via Nina Libin way! Extensive beading with tatting. I understand about working over your keyboard like that. Beads do have their way of getting in the most aweful places to get out. Sometimes my tiny tatting bits get caught in the keyboard here at work. I have tiny tweezers to help me! Shaking doesn't work with thread. Cotton sticks hehe.

Sally Kerson said...

Well if you want to take up beading, Nick has made a beading loom, do you want it? The star is lovely, you can put it on top of your tree for Christmas and then wear it afterwards!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for the offer, Sally but don't bring it to me or I'll never tat again!!! Seriously I don't have time for another hobby!!! Mark, that's a great idea. Shame about the thread catching in the keyboard. You'll have to use thicker thread (I'm ducking under the keyboard!!!)

Maureen said...

Small vacuum cleaner, Jane, with one of those long, thin nozzles - I have a Miele which would do the job beautifully!
But please don't take up beading, because that would keep you away from tatting! I have trouble, trying to balance knitting with tatting, and as a result, have done very little of either recently. When I am tatting I feel I should be knitting - etc.
The trouble is that tatting is something I do putely for my own enjoyment - and there are all my grandchildren, and lots of babies, waiting for me to knit for them!

Ridgetatter said...

Say it's KNOT so ~ such a KNOTTY problem that would be if our Jane did NOT KNOT...Tat away dear old git, and just add some beads. LOL

Ridgetatter said...

plus it would be just NAUGHTY of you...XP

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Maureen, I'll try that too!!! I use a small hand held vacuum for bead spills with a stocking over the end of the nozzle to 'recover' the beads but hadn't thought of using it to get them out from under the keys. Mind, there must be an awful lot of other 'stuff' lurking under my keyboard - gremlins, ghosties and probably even the odd shuttle!!!

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