19 December 2009

First entry for the quilt square

The first problem I've encountered is what colours should I use on the square!!!  I want it to look as if the tatting has 'grown out' of it and not just been 'plonked on'.

These are the first colours I've chosen!!!!  I think I'm going to use just my own patterns to make it really 'Janey, oh Janey' (to use Sherry's expression!!!!).  The lighter green on this motif is just SO pretty.  Really 'crisp'.

Oh, I found my 'spare' hook so all is back to normal here!!!


Val said...

oh pretty thing! interesting choice of colours... :)

sewmuchfun4 said...

That's really pretty and the colors will look very natural on the quilt block you chose.

As an observor (because I have only done a minimal amount of what you could call crazy quilting) I have noticed that in order to get the "grown out of it" look, crazy quilters seem to have to treat their elements with a little bit of disrespect. They layer and overlap like... well... CRAZY!

:) Ann

deanna7trees said...

Just beautiful. I have learned so much since following your blog. You are much appreciated.

Tatman said...

Val, she always has an interesting choice of colors. That is what makes it so "Jane" :-D


Jane Eborall said...

Whacky, dear Mark, whacky might be a better word. OR bonkers when it comes to colours!!! You'd never believe how long it takes me to choose my bonkers combos!!!!
Thanks, sewmuchfun4 - the advice is MUCH appreciated. Sadly I've got slightly sidetracked but at least I can think about your suggestions whilst I'm 'there'!!!!!

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, pretty design! I wanna see what it looks like on the square!

Anonymous said...

Oh,what a lovely pattern.i'll doing it tomorrow
from India

Walden said...

I really like how the colors work together!

Ridgetatter said...

AS was once said on a show called "Laugh In" ....VERY interesting!
You know I don't sew, but love fabrics ~ so could we have a pic of this up against the piece you are layering over I'm seeing a piece of fabric that is busy, busy with the colors you've chosen within the pattern....not a contrast ~ since you want it to blend into....I can see it in my head....or is that just this flu that I have...cough cough and it's rather scary that I CAN see it in my head ~ does that mean I'm bonkers? LOL

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