7 November 2015

Another one!

Here's another one of 'those' snowflakes!!!!

This is another of the HDT threads and I think it must be one of Karey's. Not sure, though. Any guesses where this snowflake is hiding yet?

6 November 2015

Just a snowflake

Now, folks, this is where I want you to find the pattern for this.  I'll give you time to find it and when you do then please tell me in the comments.

This is one that can be worked in one 'hit'.  No sewing in of ends until it's finished. My sort of tatting!!!!

5 November 2015

This made me smile

I had to smile when I got this picture and a note from one of my blog readers!!! 

She'd sent for a calendar from the Fringe Element which she was delighted with and when she sent me this picture I did a double take!!! 

Lo and behold there's a bookworm bookmark sitting on the side there!!! Soooooo funny. Thank you Jaycee for a really good giggle.

If anybody wants to make a bookworm then here's the link.

4 November 2015

Pop A Bobbin Shuttles

I've got a few more Pop A Bobbin Shuttles to list in Etsy.  For those who haven't 'met' these before - please see the link above the post here.   Here's a direct link too.

I think most of the woods are on the page and hopefully the prices match too!!!! 

I'll let these go live on Friday or Saturday - when I remember!!!

2 PURPLE HEART £20.00 with hooks
3 EUCALYPTUS £18.00 two with hook and one without
3 0AK £18.00 two with hooks and one without
3 ELM £18.00 with hooks

3 November 2015


I've been thinking about upgrading this chap for a year or two. I HATE cutting and tying ends so have spent a while sorting him out so I've got rid of one lot of 'ends'.  Another improvement is a better hat and a new style of walking stick too.    Oh, he's also a bit longer too.  The original was a bit short and fat and I wasn't too happy about that.  Obviously either of them (old and 'improved') can be made longer anyway.

Here he is in all his 'new' glory with updated hat, walking stick, body length and scarf.

2 November 2015


Now before I left planet England for planet Canada I'd decided to use up some of my stash of fabric by doing some patchwork. When my oldest daughter was small and we were very poor I made her a quilt cover and I've always returned from time to time to make smaller cloths etc out of patchwork. As the bags in my Etsy shop are plenty and slow to sell I thought I'd turn my energy to this craft once again.

The hunt for my templates started - and stopped before I left on the trip. Stopped because they were nowhere to be found!!!! I bought some papers from a quilt store (heaven on earth) while I was in Canada as I thought it was a good idea and I guessed at the size of the missing templates!!!! 

When I got home I decided to have one final look in the drawers in our bedroom (I'd looked there before several times) before going up into the loft to start a major search up there. Well, blow me down - there was the box of little stinkers right under my nose - exactly where I'd looked before!!!

This is my progress so far - all hand stitched. Well, actually, as you'll see on the lower picture the pieces are not all stitched yet. What I do is lay them out on the floor (and play with the positioning) before taking a photo and gathering them all up again. That way I can sit back in my chair and follow the photo. I LOVE my iPhone!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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