8 July 2017

After yesterday we have today!

This is the part that will be woven into the part you saw yesterday!!!

It's really good fun choosing colours for this project as you can be very brave, take risks and sit back and watch the consequences!!!

Well, that's what I do!!!

7 July 2017

Ring A Ding Ding

Well I really need to try out this pattern a few more times before I'm sure it's ready so I'm off to another start!!! Just love these colours together.  Bet you recognise them from yesterday's post!!!

The title of this post? Well that's what I'm calling this as it involves two metal rings!!! Well, I thought it was clever - ish. 

To me the hardest part of any new idea is thinking of a name for it. I struggle and struggle and have decided in the end that the sillier the name the better!!! Least I'LL have a chance of remembering it if it's silly!!!

6 July 2017

Further progress

This is now heading outwards again with the next row of chains. Again this needs careful attention which BC3 seemed to be unable to give it at first!!! I sometimes wonder why at my ripe old age I can't count!!! 

Anyway, I think I've got it sorted now. Silly really as I've done this pattern twice before.

5 July 2017


One hundred and four.  No, that's not my age but it is the current number of finished TIAS's that I've received!!! I hope some more will soon come trotting in too. 

This one is from Dee but you'll have to go and visit it on the TIAS blog which is here!!! 

I know - I'm a horrid tease. 

4 July 2017

Finally decisions have been made!

I've dithered and dithered over this design. In the end I used another metal ring to finish it off and thought about the suggestions made in previous comments but decided that they wouldn't work as adding anything else to the chains would then make the motif too big for the ring.

I simply worked rings and chains on the next round joining to the picot on the chains and the metal ring when necessary. I'm really chuffed with this now which is surprising for me.

The 'right' side is on the left and the 'other' side is on the right of the two pictures below.

3 July 2017

The last three

Here are three more of the pillowcase dresses. This makes six that I've made and they'll be the last. Why? Well I'm easily bored and also my friend down the road and others have made them too so I think we'll have enough for now. Having said that and having put away my machine and all the mess I tend to make, I'm now beginning to wonder if I will make more!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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