31 January 2015

Day 10

Day 11 will be ready on Monday. After that there will be two more until it's all over!!!!

30 January 2015

Yawn, yawn, yawn!!

Another chicken wing doily, I'm afraid. I think I've got another one or two 'inside me' waiting to come out!!!

This one is again done in Yarnplayer's thread - size 20. I think this one is Fall Garden with another plain. The plain is probably a Flora one but the label is long gone!!! 

I'm sure I've told you this before but I'll say it again as it might be a useful tip for others. 

When I make something I always fill up shuttles. When I finish the project rather than make small doodles with the thread remaining or winding it onto a piece of cardboard or a thingy that you wind embroidery thread onto I always wind the thread back onto the ball. 

Of course, if there is less than a yard left it's not worth it. Why do I do this? Simply because if I put it on an embroidery thingy then I'd never know which ball it came off!!! By putting it back on the ball I know it's the right colour and shade in the right place. I also put a slip knot on the end that you can see so that I know that the thread I'm about to wind back onto another shuttle for another project in the future isn't going to be a full shuttle's worth. 

Does that make sense?  If not then file it under 'silly old woman rambling'.  Which actually is the truth!

29 January 2015

A grump.

OK, today I'm going to do something I don't often do. I'm going to have a major grump.  Now, you may well ask, what have I got to grump about. Well, personally, not a lot as the subject of the grump doesn't affect me.

My major grump is about what is happening to my friends.  I'm grumbling about places like Pinterest and other similar boards where you can 'pin' things like patterns from books and magazines etc.  This sort of behaviour also happens on Facebook to a lesser degree and on blogs too - but not so often on those platforms.

I can understand why people scan books/patterns - I do as I want to preserve the book and not use it in case eventually it falls apart.  So, why DO people scan them and then put those scans online?  What do THEY actually gain from doing that?  Fame?  Fortune?  Followers?  It truly puzzles me.  All they're doing is denying another person or company of their income.

This action boils down to theft. Stealing. Robbery.  It's robbing the person who created the pattern/book of their income. Sometimes it's large companies and other times it's the self employed self publishing designer.  Even the large companies are affected and are less likely in future to invest their time and money in producing more pattern books.  Same with the small self publishing designers - they will give up too and probably even sooner.

Our craft only survives because of the patterns we already have and those who have the talent to provide more - don't let's destroy it.

So, please, if you're thinking of scanning and uploading ANYTHING that's from a  printed book or magazine THINK FIRST and please DON'T. Wherever you put something online it can be accessed and passed on.  

Would YOU publish your banking details online?  I think not.  By doing this it is exactly the same as publishing somebody else's bank details so that others can steal from their bank accounts.

Right - grump ended.

28 January 2015

Day 9 and a mouse

Well here is another new member of the Exclusive Tatting Club.

This time it's my friend Sue - also known as Pigmini. Her mouse arrived yesterday evening in a search for cheese, I think.

This is an unusual mouse as it's an albino one. If you go to this page you'll see him/her in the exclusive section of the club!!!

27 January 2015

Another associate member

Yesterday was again thankfully busy with the TIAS but I'm going to hang back with day 9 until Wednesday to give the stragglers time to catch up. Also it gives me a day or two to catch up with myself too!!!!

Yesterday morning I had another application to join the Exclusive Tatting Club - see the page above this post. This time it was from Kristen who sent in a bauble so now becomes an associate member. I bet we'll soon be seeing her mouse!!!!

She says:
"I would like to apply for an Associate Membership in your exclusive club with this, my very first bauble attempt!!"
I hope to see you in the Exclusive club shortly, Kristen!

26 January 2015

Do you like pink?

Now I DO like pink!!! Any sort of pink will do but pink it's got to be. Another chicken wing coaster for you to see.  Actually any bright colour is a favourite!!!

I am doing other things but with the Tat It And See taking a lot of time (which I LOVE) there isn't much left to do new things. 

I am trying to develop another pattern from the TIAS one and have been working on the new version since before the game started. I just find that some days BC3 just won't cooperate!!!!

25 January 2015

Day 8

Just thought you'd like to know that I've been tatting along this year too!!! Well, I usually tat with everybody so I can help people out if they need it. Here's my offering!!!

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.