8 February 2014

Fandango coaster

Well while you guys have been tatting the TIAS I've been working on all sorts of 'stuff'!!! 

I was looking round our dark, narrow hallway the other day and decided it needed cheering up. We've got a loooooong radiator shelf there which looks as dull as ditch water and which we're always 'dumping' things on!!! I decided it needed cheering up so a runner to go on it would be the answer. 

The Fandango Coaster is not wide enough to 'do' but it's a good start as I can put a border round it when the length has been achieved. If I did two side by side then it would be wide enough but too wide for a border. I think borders finish things off - simple ones!!!

Anyway - I went into my threads and came up with these two together. Soooo pretty but I'm not sure I like the variegated on this design. I've got to get hold of BC3 but he sometimes tries to have the weekend off!!!

7 February 2014

6 February 2014

Finished and uploaded

I've just 'stolen' this from an email which was sent to me from a good friend in Singapore so I thought I'd pass it on.

She said - it's renri (人日), birthday of humans, today. So to everybody in Tat Land - happy birthday to you.  Here's a link for you to look at.  Nice to know that all us humans share a birthday.  What a GREAT idea.  What shall I give myself, then?   Ooooooh, I know - a cup of tea!!!!

Well that was fast for me!!!  I had a relatively quiet afternoon yesterday so managed to finish off and re-upload this motif.  Here's the link.

I did find a date for it after much searching around the computer so that's a weight off my mind.  Well, it would've been IF it had worried me.

In this version of the 'new/old' motif I have changed the stitch count when using the size 20 thread and changed the text too in several small ways.  I've also done the notation to reflect front/back sided tatting - not that I feel it's important to tat that way but because I find it useful myself when I'm 'in the mood' to use it!!!  

Tomorrow will be day 12 of the TIAS.  

5 February 2014

Another look

Another look at an old pattern.  This one, in fact.

This is a design that I did way back in the dark ages or Tudor times or somewhere equally dim and distant!!!  Not sure when as it isn't dated.

I was really proud of this one when I did it as it was revolutionary at the time - well, I think it was.  I chose these colours but they don't really do it justice.   I'll work another up in better colours to show you.

The 'cleverness' lies in the fact that the coloured thread is a size 80 (Lizbeth pink cocoa) and the plain is size 20.  It took some working out and it does look better in real life as the textures give the motif depth.  Well I think that's the right word for the effect.

I'm currently re-writing the pattern so will upload and replace the original one when it's done.

4 February 2014

Day 11

This is the day you can find Day 11 of the Tat It And See.  Where, did somebody ask? 

3 February 2014

More progress on the hanky edging

First of all - tomorrow will be day 11 of the Tat It And See.

Right - time to start on the 'real deal' with a hanky and number 80 thread.

Well I started and then found that just wasn't going to work as it is on this post!!!  Why?  Well the rings looked fine in a size 20 but became too small to have clarity when worked in an 80 - they looked 'squidged'.  This meant re-jigging the stitch count throughout!!!!  A pain in the proverbial but it had to be done!!!!

Below is part of a side with the original count and underneath a the new stitch count and a corner.  Life with this hanky should now be pretty straightforward as it's got good depth (¾") and is fast to work up too.

2 February 2014

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.