14 March 2008

Playing with sequins!

A few days ago I posted some pictures of sequins that I'd played with some years ago. I showed the backs too where I'd tried another way for 'one sided' viewing. The originals that I made had two separate rows of split rings (one at the front and the other at the back) which were then joined with the outer row. This obviously took a bit of time to do as there were two 'cuts and ties' etc.
Yesterday I finally sat down to write this pattern. I may have it somewhere on my main computer but by the time I settled into 'tat corner' in my comfy chair I was on my laptop.
Then a thought occurred to me. I wonder if both 'sides' of the enclosing rows could be worked in one 'hit'. Surely it could.
Well, ta de dah. Here's the second attempt which will form the basis for the next round or rounds.
I'm not sure quite how the rest will work out but the 'creative juices' are not as dozy as they were!!!
Below I have shown the original with the back which makes the use of the sequin 'decoration' one sided. Next is the one side of the new version and finally the other side of the new version. Originally (and I can't find any samples) both sides looked like the new version but were made separately.
I now intend to play with this as I can feel a wealth of ideas creeping up on me!!!

12 March 2008

A new thread

On Monday a small unexpected package arrived for me. I LOVE surprises and what was even better it was a ball of thread. Jenny Griffin sent it as a 'thank you' for doing the TIAS.
I'd never seen or heard of this thread - it's brand new from Coats in Germany. It's called Anchor Artiste and this particular ball is a number 20 and holds 20 grammes.
The colour is a very yummy variagated lilac. I worked up a bookmark using it alongside a Manuela thread. I would say that it is exactly the same as Flora and not as 'harsh' as Floretta. The only snag I can find is the price which I found it listed on one site.
I'm not giving the link to that site as I'm hoping that others will sell it a bit cheaper. Hint, hint to any thread suppliers that are reading this!!!
Here is the bookmark I made!!!

11 March 2008


I love bracelets. I don't often wear them in the winter but in the summer I love bracelets (oh, never forget the earrings!!!). I looked again at the bracelet I made the other day and thought that I'd make one more to get this 'phase' out of my system. I used black, white and cream with a very pretty and shiny black button in the centre. I do hope I can now kick this one out of the window for a while and start on something new. Maybe think about another TIAS. So enjoying doing Diane's, though.

10 March 2008


This is just a small chick in a basket I did yesterday. I remembered to write it down (well, roughly!) as I went along!!! Perhaps, if I did it again, I'd put the eye in on a drop picot but as I did it last thing in the evening it was whatever came into the tired old brain at the time!!

9 March 2008

I've not been robbed!

I found the catches. Finally after yet another search they were exactly where I'd put them!! I just didn't think I'd have put them with the magnetic beads!!! I can't think why I didn't remember but as I have a poor memory (and always have had!) I'll put it down to that!!!
This is what I made once they'd been found!!! I used the pattern for the letter beads and added 'ordinary' beads instead!!! The worst part of working this pattern for me is doing the maths on it!! I've never been comfortable with numbers!!! Also it would help if I could read a pattern. My own, believe it or not!!! I just tend to assume I know what I'm doing and forget to stop and read the instructions!!! I'm going to do another today - just to be sure that I know what I'm doing!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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