15 June 2022

The scarf!

I told you in this post that I may bore you even more over the scarf but I didn’t realise that boredom with turning up to the knitting group every week with the same thing took over.  So I decided to finish it!!!

I knitted my little socks off for a week or so and finally decided that enough was enough.  It’s thanks to Sue who told me how to do the ‘sideway stripes’ that this pattern came about.  It’s actually turned out to be a really snug scarf and is going to be a lot more useful than the waistcoat it was originally!!  Now I want a new knitting or crochet project so I’ll be off to surfing the internet (mainly Ravelry) for inspiration and a pattern - or two!!!

Here it is in all it’s glory!!  Well, glory isn’t the right word really!!!

13 June 2022

Another project

A neighbour asked me if she could borrow my sewing machine a couple of weeks ago.  Well, as any crafter knows a person’s ‘tools of the trade’ are very personal and the answer was a ‘no’.  I did enquire why she wanted to borrow it and then found myself offering to do the sewing for her.
This is one of two sun lounger ‘pads’ she’d bought to put on her chairs and they came with elastic to hook over the chairs to keep them in place.  She’d got some pretty old curtains which she wanted to cover the plain ‘pads’ with so it didn’t seem too big a task.  

Well it took longer than I thought it would - about five hours.  First the elastic had to come off and then careful measurements and ‘guesstimates’ made of how wide to make the curtain covers as I had to allow for the ‘dip in the middle’.  Not easy ‘wrestling’ the pads into the covers but the job got done with the elastic in place on the outside too!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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