EXCLUSIVE Tatting Club

Member list of the EXCLUSIVE mouse/bauble tatting club.

Honorary members - Gary and Randy Houtz (they designed them! and the book can be found here)

Founder member - Jane Eborall (she's addicted to making them!)

Mouse members - those who's mice are shown below.

Full mouse members.

First to become a FULL mouse member of the Exclusive Tatting Club is Jaycee who said:-

"Hello Jane,

Here's my submission - bauble mouse for the application of Exclusive Tatting Club membership. This is my second attempt making it, the first one didn't turn out like a mouse should be - No, I don't know what it looked like.. Lol



The next full member is Martha who has returned with a mouse and now becomes a FULL member.  Thanks for taking part in the fun, Martha.

Sue Hunt has now arrived with her little family of mice!!!  Thanks, Sue.  You're a true and FULL member too now!!!

Another new exclusive member has now arrived with her wee mouse.  It's from Bev from 'down under'.  

The newest member of the exclusive club is Sandy who sent in this picture along with the following comment:-

"Here's my little mouse entry for the special club. He was so much fun tomake. Aren't Randy and Gary just ingenious?"

Well, what CAN I say about the next exclusive member except that I think Sharon should be called an exclusive exclusive member.  Look at what she's done.  Talk about being addicted!!!!  I can see mice, a hedgehog, a possum and the wonderful flowers that I've not been brave enough to start myself.  Plus the dragonfly too.

Just arrived is another new EXCLUSIVE member - Jeff from Canada. Here is his mouse and his comment too:-
"I finally finished my bauble tatted mouse. This is my second attempt. The first one seemed wonky near the beginning. My mouse doesn't seem as long as should be; I think I may have tightened everything a bit too much. I'll have to try a few of the other critters once I've made something else for a while.

Just before the end of 2014 this mouse arrived and this is what Davina-Marie said.
"I wanted to be sure to ger this done by the end of the year,finished it yesterday, with a day to spare. 
I was hoping to be #13 in the mouse club (my fovorite and luckiest number) but I think I missed it. Regardless, please consider my humble, wrinkly, shy little Mortimer for inclusion into the exclusive mouse/bauble tatting club.
Thank you and happy new year.

The first of the 2015 mouse makers is Sue (also known as Pigmini) who has sent in her albino mouse. 

Next in this year is Sara.  She's sent in her mouse too.  I love his coloured legs, Sara.  Here's what she has to say:-

"I have made a mouse too, so maybee I can join your exclusive club now!? My mouse eyes and ears is a bit funny looking, maybe I made something wrong there, but it was a lot of fun making it! I thought I should find it boring to just do knot after knot, but it was just fun to see the mouse be created between my hands!
Have a nice day, and thanks again just for beeing Jane who makes tatting even more fun!!"

Just arrived and I'm sooooo happy to see this little 'posse' of mice which have come from Gaye. She learned how to make them off the 'masters of baubles' - the delightful Houtz brothers. Her comment that came with them says:-
"I have made 3 mice and would like to join the club. My name is Christine Gaye Beswick and I live in Adelaide South Australia. My thanks to the shuttle brothers for starting me on bobbles with the IOLI workshop last August when I made an angel.
My photos is called "Wud we like pie for tea". Hope you like them.

I'd almost forgotten the Exclusive Mouse Club but thankfully Michelle hasn't!!! I'm now introducing Pearl and this is what Michelle says:-
"Good evening Jane, my name is Michele and I am a member of the Fringe Element tatters in London, Ontario. I've signed up for the beaded shuttle class you are teaching for the Fringe in September in Cambridge, so I hope to meet you at that time. As an application into the "mouse club" I would like to introduce Pearl, who as her name implies has a row of "pearl" beads tatted into her neck row. She seems to be asking " Did someone leave this cheese for me?" Keep well and i hope to see you in September."

Ruth in Canada has just sent me her picture of Revy!!! This is what she says about him. Isn't he the GREATEST white mouse? I LOVE those pink eyes!!!
"Hi Jane - this is Revy the mouse (short for revelation when one of our tatters figured out how to reduce all the knots in his snout)
the starfish was a project from Lodi NY and the shuttle is from a new person in New Brunswick
eeeekkk !"

Well here's another version of the Houtz mouse which I think is great and has got me yearning to make one too. It's from StringyDogs who says:
"Attached is my proposed entry for the club of ... Mouse Tatters? I really didn't follow a pattern for this guy. I really wanted to try to make the little guy sit up. He is a little misshapen, but he is my first such creation!"
Didn't she do a great job?  I can't see misshapen at all.  

From an associate member to a FULL member - here's Helene who has returned with her mouse and the following comment. SO delighted to see you back, Helene.
"Hi Jane,I did not find "Houtzy La Souris" on my vacation. She was waiting for me right here at home. Maybe there are more critters lurking about ... Will just have to wait and see.
Thank you Jane for all your daft ideas (as you say), I just love them.
Hélène from Québec."

Now look who's mice arrived while I was away.  This is what Jane had to say:-

"Good Evening Jane
I had a great time this afternoon with you and the ladies. This is my little mouse family. Most have new homes now.
Jane K. 😃"
I'm not surprised they've got new homes.  

This new member comes with apologies from me. Lori sent this to me while I was away from home and I forgot about him (and his associate bauble!). So, here's Lori's comment and her two pictures.
"Hi Jane lookie lookie made my first mouse. Going to call it a shar-pei mouse. Cause if u look close it has a lot of wrinkles! Hahahah
And a very small bauble
Here is my shar-pei mouse
And my bauble
Lori ;~)"

Next I have a Christmas mouse!!! Yes, this is from Jane Keizer who says:-
"Mice get ginormous and grow antlers and Santa hats"

Well here's the first of the 2016 mice. Lucky Ginny had one of the masters to help her to make this one. She says.
"I finally figure it out with help from Randy we had lessons after the convention the benefit of letting him stay at my house."

The next arrival is from Jennine who has been partying with others at the Lodi tatting days and she says.
"Hi Jane,I wanted to introduce you to my new friend Snarf. For a poor little lab mouse exposed to toxic waste, I think he's darned cute. I had so much fun making him while down in Lodi with Ginny,Deana!, and Randy!"
Those eyes are just - well, just so kinky and cute, Jennine.  I'm tempted to make a green mouse with 'odd' eyes too.

Also a few hours later another mouse arrived and this time from Kathie.  She was at Lodi too.  Sounds like quite a party weekend resulting in the birth of several mice!!!  This is Kathie's comment and her mouse!

"Hi I would love to join your exclusive tatting club.

I was inspired by Ginny's mouse she was making at Lodi and had to have one of my own- luckily Randy had one book left. She is no where near perfect but I still love her!! Katie"

You are not going to believe the next mouse - or rather, mice, that have now arrived.  These are from Ginny.  Not one mouse, not two mice, not EVEN three mice but a total of SEVEN.  I think these are adorable.  Thank you, Ginny.  She says simply:-

"My mice family the little is size 80 the biggest is size 3"

This last mouse is Ginny's size 3 mouse so you can compare the size to the 80 one above.

Next to arrive is a mouse from Linda. She has this to say:-
"Here's my first GR-8 bauble mouse. He's a little wonky so I've named him Willy Wonka. Lol. Ginny Weathers gave a few local tatters a class on how to make the mouse this past Saturday.
Tatting in Virginia,
Linda Barnes :)"

This next mouse comes from IsDihara who has sent him in to join the fun. This is what she says.
Please accept this photo of Nibbles, my first bauble mouse, for your consideration into the exclusive Mouse Club. 
Nibbles is a darling fellow and a Steeler fan! His love of the Pittsburgh Steelers is second only to his love of cheese.
This fall, you can find him in front of the telly, waving a tiny, Terrible Towel in support of his favorite sports team, surrounded by plates of yummy cheeses.

Now I've got another mouse to add to my 'collection' in the Exclusive Tatting Club!!! This one is from Bernice who tells you all about it here. Thank you, Bernice for joining in the fun and I WISH I'd been with you at Jane K's house.

Two mice have now arrived from Anita. She says.
"Dear Jane:Here are two mice for you!
The one in the forefront is tatted with size 20 HH Twirlz threads. I must have tightened my stitches tatting him because he's small!
Anita Barry
Amissville, VIrginia US"
Thank you, Anita and welcome to the Exclusive Club!!!

Just arrived is a mouse from Val in Singapore. Isn't this a cutie? This is what Val has to say.
"I quite like how they turned out, although I think my tension has lots of room for improvement. Now that I’ve got the hang of doing them up, I might just be tatting more of them!Some pictures below for you to see my ‘babies’. Oh yes, they couldn’t wait to scuttle across the room!"

Next to arrive is Sherry who has just taken a lesson from the Bauble King - Randy Houtz. She says
"My mouse and kitty picture reminds me of the needlework Mary Queen of Scots did called "Catte". This picture here is a picture of the needlework while Mary was held captive circa 1570. "Catte" can be seen at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh."

New to arrive (June 2018) is Lou who has sent in her super little mouse. She says:-
"Hi Jane, I’ve been watching your exclusive club and the mice where so cute!!! I finally got the book and joined the fun. He was so much fun to make. I’ve also shown you my practice baubles, the warm ups to the Mouse. Now I’m going to do different colors of mice. Thanks for the inspiration! Lou Dawn Bunker."

Well I'd like to say a VERY big welcome to Ginger who has sent in her mouse. I think he looks really cheeky trying to climb up onto her shuttle.
I 'met' up with Ginger on Facebook a few days ago when she was having problems 'mastering the mouse'. Thankfully I managed to help her (she's a fast learner) and she's managed her first one. I hope you do many more, Ginger.

Hot off the press from America is Rekha's mouse. He/she seems a happy little mouse too!!!

Next meet Mary Anna's mouse.  This has come from Ohio and was entered in the Spokane Interstate Fair.  A blue ribbon was won too.  Thanks, Mary Anna.

Associate members - those who have sent in a bobble/bauble of some sort. Also known as trainee mouse members!!!
First associate member to arrive is Martha with her Houtz bee. LOVE this bee and must make one for myself.

Next with another bee is Melanie - does this constitute a swarm, yet?  Thanks, Melanie - you too are an associate member!!!  I love the expression on these bee's faces!!!!  

Jaycee (who is full member) is now back to become an associate member too.  She's sent in this gorgeous angel with a lovely smile.  This is also in Gary and Randy's book. 

Martha has sent in a fish she's made - one of her own inventions.  I LOVE this fish.

Phyllis has sent in her bauble which she made at the Palmetto Tat Days.  Here's what she says:-

"Here is my picture of my first ever bauble.  This was from Randy's class at Tat Days this year.  An Associate member is fine with me.  The mouse is on the bucket list for later this year (maybe early next depending on how much I get done)."

Next to arrive with a purple possum is from Patricia!! I'll let her explain why he's purple!!!

"In July of 2013, Gary and Randy came to Bartlesville, Oklahoma and taught a possum bauble class in preparation for their book. May I submit my little possum? He is a lovely purple and red possum, because we were not told what we were making, just to bring two wound number 10 shuttles in contrasting colors.  He now PROUDLY hangs at the top of my year-round Christmas tree!"

Also arrived overnight is Riet's bauble from the class she took at Tat Days.  

"Hello Jane,

I like it to go on with your new kind off guild, those about the Mouse

I made a bauble and send you in this mail a picture of the bauble."

Jeff has now sent in his first bauble which I must say looks a LOT better than my first attempt!!!!  Here's his comment:-
"I made my first bauble today! I've been watching you post about them and the Shuttle Brothers book about baubles with great interest. I ordered the book yesterday, after being unsure if I wanted it, and I decided to try to make a bauble in preparation for the arrival of my copy. They are much easier to make than I thought they would be. My bauble isn't quite right at the start, but I'm sure my next one will be better. Hopefully a mouse and other bauble creatures will follow soon.

Well here's another new associate member - JB.  Welcome to the club, lass.  Here's her comment.

"Here is the Bauble I made in Randy’s Bauble class. I hope it qualifies me to be an Associate Member of your exclusive club.

I do aspire to be a full member—so I will be working on the mouse."

Next to arrive is from Elizabeth who says:-

"Here is a sad bobble. I purchased the CD from Palmetto Days and my friend JB showed me her bobble and gave me some pointers. This is my first attempt and it looks a bit sad. I think I will try another one."

Well, Elizabeth - that's 100% better than my first attempt I promise you.

Now I'm proud to introduce another 'trainee' bobble/baubler. This time it's Anita who is very proud (and quite rightly) of her first bauble. This is her comment.

"Dear Jane:

Here’s my trainee Bauble!

Hopefully this will get me in as an associate Exclusive member to your mouse/bauble tatting club.

It’s my very first attempt. It’s sort of…well….it’s the first attempt :D"

Welcome to another new baubler in the form of Kristen. She's bought the book and is now playing along with the rest of us!! She says:

"I would like to apply for an Associate Membership in your exclusive club with this, my very first bauble attempt!!"

I hope to see you in the Exclusive club shortly, Kristen!

Well I'm delighted to welcome Margaret now - she has been baubling for many years.  The problem is that she's now leading me astray as I really, really want to make the bumble bee now!!!

"Right, Jane, nice sunny day here at the moment and I've been able to get a reasonable photo for you.

The hedgehog was made, about 10 years ago, at a tatting weekend, from a Shuttle Brothers pattern.

The bee, tatted as part of the Tatters Across Time course, was done about 5 years ago. After all the talk of tatted baubles on your blog, I got busy and did a whole bunch to add to purses for presents!

They sure are fun and the possibilities are endless!

Thank you for including me in your Exclusive Tatting club.

I am the happy owner of the next member although I didn't make it obviously.  It's a tiny little rabbit made by Darla who also designed it too.  Not sure what his/her name is but here's a couple of pictures.  Very hard to take a photo as it's such a tiny rabbit.

Today (14th May 2015) I have the pleasure of adding Stephanie to the club.
She sent in these two baubles along with the following comment:-
"HI Jane!
I finally got brave enough to give the baubles a try. Here's my beginner/apprentice-level submission. :-)
Second one was definitely neater and easier to manage. Not sure if it was the tassel to hold on to or just having completed one the night before. :-)"

Another new associate member has arrived today!!!  Welcome to Helene.  Here's her entrance towards becoming a full member of the club!!!!  I'm looking forward to seeing your mouse, Helene.

Geraldine has sent me her angel which she will now tell you all about.
"This year in November Charnwood tatters are putting Angels on our Christmas tree in the parish church festival. I decided that I would do this Angel as one of mine. Very fiddly but so, so beautiful. Tried to stuff the head with cotton wool to keep the shape, but that did not work. But this is not a bad effort as not done bubbles for a long time."

This is a lovely, lovely offering of a bauble bee by Bev. She's sent this to say - well, I'll let you read it.

"Hi JaneI'm already in the Exclusive Club with my mouse, but here is a bee and some flowers to wish Gary well. Bev"

Next to arrive is from Teresa who has sent in her hedgehog. Isn't he cute? This is what she says:
I haven't done a mouse as yet (next on my list after all the water bottle markers I'm doing for Tat Days [ala R.Houtz]) but I have done a couple of the boys bauble critters. 
Here is picture of the hedge hog. I have also done the catepillar (aka woolly bugger in the US South) but can't find a picture at the moment. Will have to find him again."

A long gap in publication on this page but now I have a new entry from Julibeth. I love these ideas. Well done, Julibeth - perhaps a mouse next? Here's what she says:-

"I have not yet attempted a mouse, but am hoping that the fruit basket I made will qualify me for membership as an Associate Member of the Exclusive Tatting Club :). 
The tutorials on your pattern site were excellent! The bananas were tatted with the beginning knot ‘toward the tatter’. The apple and orange were tatted with the beginning knot ‘away from the tatter’. The basket was worked in size 20 and the fruit in size 40."

Next to arrive is Julie who started with mice but went on to make Randy's bee too.  She then designed a turtle, an elephant, a frilled dragon , a giraffe and a zebra.  Simply AMAZING work.  Please don't drool over your keyboards when you're looking at Julie's zoo.

Julie’s friend Nichole is the next to arrive in the Exclusive club.  Here are her little mice/rats.


Ratfancy said...

Ok - how do I join!

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Glenna. Just send me a picture of a mouse (or a bauble) you've made from the Houtz book. I'm addicted to making them!!!! The link to get the book is here http://www.gr-8shuttles.com/tatting_gr8_baubles.shtml

Unknown said...

What a fun club. GR-8 bobbles here. Jacee learns that it doesn't look the same if it is inside out. Can't wait to see what is created.

West Pine Creations said...

Because of this, I had to get the book! Time to start tatting the rattie (mouse)!

Elizabeth said...

I may have to get the book now just to tat the mouse. It looks like it would be hard to do.

Unknown said...

Wow I want make this mouse :D too

Jane Eborall said...

Julia - the pattern is in the Houtz brothers book. It's such an inspiring book. http://www.gr-8shuttles.com/tatting_gr8_baubles.shtml

Unknown said...


StringyDogs said...

Jane, thank you so much for the inspiration to do -and finish- such a fun project!

Eugenia Arpa said...

Hola Jane, admiro tu trabajo, en mi país, no hay profesores de este arte tan apasionado como el frivolite( tatting) y lo he aprendido por youtube, te agradezco por dejarme entrar a tu blogs.y poder ver las maravillas que realizas,espero algun dia poder visitar tu pais y poder comprar los libros y todo lo que se necesita para esto, es pasion, lo que tengo desde ya muchas gracias, saludos de Cortaderas, San Luis Argentina

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Eugenia. There are a few tatters in Argentina. I've met them while I was doing the Tat It And See. I'm sorry I don't know their names, though. Welcome to the world of shuttle tatting and I hope you live in my world for a very long time.
Hola Eugenia. Hay algunos jirones en Argentina. Los conocí mientras hacía Tat It And See. Lo siento, pero no sé sus nombres. Bienvenido al mundo del encaje de volantes y espero que vivas en mi mundo durante mucho tiempo. ¡Espero que esto se haya traducido correctamente usando Google traslate!

LibraryLady said...

Couldn't leave a message on your first page with the last mouse. Take care, Jane! We need you healthy again!!

Unknown said...

I've just got the book and will have to have a go after seeing all these super efforts! What fun. It's expensive but it's worth the money.

Jane Eborall said...

Unknown - Baubles are such fun but need to be done in a clockwise direction. There is a tutorial on my pattern page on how to do them and it might be worth looking at that too.

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