8 July 2022

The knitting project

This is also progressing well now.  It took a few hours and hiccups to get the aged brain used to how this works.
Although I'm not that happy about the neckline (at the bottom of the photos) my lovely knitting group friends assure me that when I sew the picot edging down it will fit beautifully.  The size the top is working out at on the needles appears to be fine as I did manage to try it over my head a few days ago.  Just hoping it all stays 'on course'!!!

7 July 2022

Next part of the bookmark is done

This is the next part of the bookmark so not a lot more to do.  I've managed to keep up with the drawings too which is amazing!!!

Also the second picture shows the two parts interlinked!

6 July 2022

The waistcoat progress

As you can see the patchwork part of the waistcoat is underway.

I decided on 2½" squares as the bits of fabric I'd got in my 'bitty box' would be most likely useful for the project.

The new zip arrived and I've shown that at the bottom so you can see how it will fit into the finished garment.  It's an open ended one.  I'll probably put that in a strip of fabric down the front but I'm nowhere near making decisions like that!!!  One day at a time!!!  

Where to start was the first decision and the answer that BC3 came up with was the bottom!!!  So that's what I'm doing.  I've worked out that I'll need about 20 to 22 squares to go round the whole waistcoat so rather than make 'just a back' and then have to do the sides I thought I'd make it in one and then deal with the armholes when I get there.  It really is a case of trial and error!!!

When I'm supposed to be cooking I sneak out into the conservatory to pin squares together or cut more out!!  Don't tell anybody, please!

5 July 2022

Converting the cross

Into a straight bookmark.  Well, that's the plan.
Progress so far is this - round 1 and the rest shouldn't take too long as I'm using the cross drawings and changing them accordingly.  That's the same with the text too.  BUT BC3 needs to do a lot of checking on himself as he goes along!!!

Here's round 1 done and the next round is on the way too.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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