30 November 2013


Here's yet another gecko.  They're all lining up glaring at me as they have no purpose in life - not yet!!!  I've still no idea what I'm going to do with them!!

This one is made in Lizbeth's Arctic Waters.  Makes you feel cold just thinking of icy water, doesn't it?

When I'm over this phase I'll pop them all together on the scanner or take a photo of them.  I'm still not over the addiction yet, though so be warned - there are more to come, I think!!!

28 November 2013

Another ordinary day

Just another ordinary Thursday in my part of Tat Land.  The usual 'stuff'.  The weekly grocery shopping, avoiding housework and trying to keep warm!!!

Over in America it's Thanksgiving.  Hope you all have fun, lots of lovely things to eat and time with family and friends.  

Remember those in the back of beyond here in England who don't have any fun all day!

27 November 2013

Another box!

This is the second box.  I forgot to scan the heart before I sewed it on - stupid old git!!!  The thread is another Lizbeth one but I can't remember which one - sorry.  All I can tell you is that it looks a LOT better in real life than on these pictures.

I was walking through town the other day and wandered into the shop where I got the boxes from.  Lo and behold - more boxes but in a wonderful deep green colour.  You can guess what I did - yes, bought more!!!  Now I've set myself an even bigger task.  

I'll show you the new ones sometime.

26 November 2013

What I tat

Somebody mentioned to me the other day that I only seem to tat my own patterns.  Well, that's not quite true as I do venture off to 'pastures new' and I do help out with test tatting quite frequently as well.  I'm also regularly tempted back to do things I tatted in my teens as those intrigue me.  They pull me back as I want to see if I still like them and also love to see them done in colours - there were no colours when I was a kid or a very limited selection!!!

I spent over thirty years tatting anything I could find before I started out on my own 'stuff'.  I also (sad to say) like the way I write patterns down and don't like old fashioned notation or some of the new ways when patterns are written using 'new' names for well known techniques.  'Just diagram' patterns annoy me intensely so those I avoid like the plague!!!

Another reason - I don't like to spend too much time looking at other designs is in case they influence me and inadvertently cause me to step on another person's toes!!!!

So, what to do next?  Well I'm playing.  Playing with something that I've been drawn towards for a month or so.  More later!!

25 November 2013

Two snowflakes

Well I suppose it had to happen to me one day!!!  Conformity is the word I'm looking for!  I'm conforming to the traditional idea of white snowflakes!!!  It wasn't too painful either in the end.  Just had to have a serious talk to BC3 and persuade him that it wouldn't hurt too much.  

Well yesterday was spent packaging up the shuttles and after I've had breakfast in a few minute's time I'll be trotting off down to the Post Office.  Nick's offered to make me a flask of coffee and a cheese sandwich to keep me going while I'm there!!!!  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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