14 March 2015

Last of this session.

This is the last bracelet so 'normal' (if the word normal could ever apply to me) service will be resumed on Monday!!!!

I want to talk about two different issues today. Well, not so much 'talk about' but more 'tell you about' two recent experiences.

The first one was when I was contacted by a lady from Italy who had used the body of my octopus and made a 3D owl pattern from it. She wanted permission to publish it mentioning the source of the body of the owl.  I happily said that was fine. Lovely conversations were had and I did a few drawings for her owl. I hope that in time we can get both versions (English and Italian) up in the guest designer's part of my web site. 

The second issue I want to talk about happened when I was added to a Facebook group. Now I'm not a great lover or user of Facebook (I still don't understand 'tagging') but I'm really nosy!!! So I went to the group and had a look around. Imagine my dismay when I found at least five copyrighted books in the files section. I did mention this on the timeline and I'm hoping these will be removed.  

The other thing that worried me (in the same files section) was the translation into Italian of another English person's pattern. That would be fine, in my opinion, if the designer had been contacted (out of politeness) and if the designer's name had been put on the translated document.  If you think about it - if a pattern is translated from one language to another then it really ought to have a link to the original page and the designer's name (also the person who translated it) should be on the new translated page. To not put the designer's name on is rude and would probably count as copyright theft.  What do you think?

Well the lady who translated it did put the name of the designer on the pattern so again I thank her.  Thank her for respecting the designer.

Now my problem is - I seem to no longer be a member of that group.  I probably inadvertently pressed the wrong button on Facebook.  I don't like Facebook much - have I said that before?  Probably.  BUT remember I am a boring old woman who's brain cells are dying fast!!!

13 March 2015

Am I boring you?!?!?

Sorry but if I am then I apologise but I must get these out of my system before I forget!!!! 

If anybody wants a pair of earrings to match then they can be made!!! I used a very subtly variegated Coats thread for this bracelet. I really like this one. No, Jane, you can't keep all you make. 

Now available in my Etsy shop here.

12 March 2015

Another one done

The reason that there seems to be a sudden rash of bracelets here in the Etsy shop is because I tend to make them steadily over the weeks. I'll do a bit of one then put it down and go off and do something else. Then I find I've got several made but then BC3 reminds me I could perhaps do 'just one more'!!!

Eventually, after losing and finding them, (usually under the scanner) I need to finish them off. That's another hurdle. I do slightly stiffen them with slightly diluted white glue so it's easier to wait until I've got several finished and then do them all at once.

So, that's another stage done but the final hurdle has to be achieved. Packaging and photographing (or scanning) them all. That's why it takes so long to get them in the shop!!!

Now IF I have a custom order then I work like a bat out of hell to get the order done in double quick time. I sometimes wonder where I got BC3 from. Was he inherited or is he an infection?

11 March 2015

A progression of diamonds!

Well I've finished another round of diamonds. Notice - the 'odd man out' has been snipped and consigned to the bin!!! You can see which one it was on this link.

I must apologise but I forgot to say yesterday that I'd had another pair of scissors arrive on Monday. So, here's the link to that one. 

Now let me think.  Is there anything else I've forgotten?  Well I'm sure there is but I'll have to leave that til tomorrow!!

10 March 2015

Green bracelet

Well over the weekend I managed to get on pretty well with making bracelets!!! Quite why I'm stuck in this mode is beyond me but I expect I'll get better in time!!!

I've listed this one and the purple one here in my Etsy shop. I think I've got another three in various stages of progress!!! A blue, a beige and a red one with black beads - it's a variegated red too.  I hope to get them finished over the next few days.

9 March 2015

Purple bracelet

New TIAS just arrived - number 110.  See it on this link.

Well I seem to be 'stuck in bracelet' mode at the moment!!! I'm never sure what gets me into these 'moods' but I know I'm not the only one!! Take a look at Diane and her shuttle 'mode', hatband 'mode', weaving 'mode' and recently doily 'mode'. I think we all do it to a lesser or greater degree.

Here's the first of the new batch of bracelets - they'll all have adjustable clasps too.

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Happy Beaks
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