10 March 2023

Sample worked out

Here’s the sample I knitted to truly establish in my brain the size needles and size of garment required. I’m afraid this picture doesn’t do it justice but you’ll see later when I get going that this is going to be a really bright jumper!!!  I love the marbled effect of knitting the two yarns together.  

This is the pattern I’ve chosen - another humongous challenge, I think. All those CABLES!! What AM I thinking of?!?!

8 March 2023

Life after the jumper!

Yes there is life after the green jumper and I’ll show you a picture of me wearing it at the end of this post.

I’m also going to show you the next project. This yarn was on a huge cone that I picked up from a freecycle advert on our local area freecycle network. Actually I answered an offer for fabric and in amongst that was this cone of bright green yarn.

I invited a neighbour round to help me sort out the fabric and she (thankfully) took some off my hands with most of the rest going to the Tuesday group we both belong to. Not long after Jo (neighbour) said she’d got a cone of the same colour yarn and would I like it. I took it as I wasn’t sure what the yardage would be on the first cone so wound all off both cones into balls. They are not the same colour as you’ll see BUT that’s not a problem as I now I had plenty for the next project. 

I then had to work out how to use it all and found that with both yarns together the gauge is that of double knitting yarn. Next thing to do is to find a double knitting yarn pattern. So, off I went to Ravelry. More another day!!!

7 March 2023

Another alien

Excellent news - another alien arrived yesterday and is now on the TIAS blog. As I said to Susan who sent it in - I’m going to use it as a reminder to those who haven’t sent theirs in yet.  

At the moment we only have 77 and I like to get close to 100 before I make the effort to start on another TIAS design.  So, calling all aliens - would you care to join Susan’s over here and see if we can get to 100?  

6 March 2023

Monday ‘sort of’ moan

This isn’t really a moan but it IS Monday and it’s what my BC3 does once a week - it thinks!!!  Yes once a week and for a few minutes!!  

So over the past few days I’ve ben thinking about onion rings.

Not long ago I spent time with Judith Connors (she lives the other side of the world to me!!) as she has a super way of doing really neat onion rings. Here’s the link to her way.

So when I decided to make a doily (more to come on that another day) with onion rings I thought it was a good opportunity to really practice this. 

WRONG!!! The onion rings in the pattern aren’t really onion rings. They look like them but they aren’t. I must admit I’d never thought of this before and I’ll also admit that it’s the way I used for the pig and the elephant but I’m now thinking they ought to be called 'mock' onion rings!  Why?  Well because the outside of this onion ring just ISN’T a ring - it’s a chain!!!  I know I’m stirring the pot a bit but does anybody else think that they ought to be called a MOR (mock onion ring)?

This is a blurry picture but you can see what I mean - not (to me) an onion ring but a ‘mock’ onion ring!

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