7 January 2017

Change of plan!!!

No, you're not going colour blind!!! For some reason unbeknown to me (BC3 probably knows the answer) I gave up on the pink version of this Dora pattern a few weeks ago. I think I decided that it was going to be too hard but my lovely new internet friend (Heidi) sent me two pictures of Dora's original work that I could enlarge and study carefully. 

Thanks to this I was able to work out how the spiky bit was done. Actually Dora surprises me all the time as the pattern was actually perfectly written but BC3 just couldn't 'get it' for a while and without the pictures. Thanks a MILLION, Heidi. 

I think this was my third or forth attempt and many, many hours of puzzlement to get this far. 

There are more challenges to come with this pattern but I'm not giving up now!!!!

5 January 2017

Now for an owl!!!!

As before - this little chap is made in size 10 thread. It's one of Marilee's HDT's although I'm not sure which. I very, very rarely use size 10 in tatting and this is just too gorgeous to not use. 

Owls MAY take over from mice - who knows!!!

4 January 2017

Wake UP Jane!

I'm a dozy old moo. Here I am with a week to go and I've not yet issued a reminder that the Tat It And See starts next week.

Actually I suppose that's not too bad as I could call this a countdown to the start. 

Seven days to go.

Here's a link (which is now on both blogs) to the translation of the introduction in Dutch with many thanks to my dear friend Riet who is providing this service.  There is also a link for my French speaking (thank you, Julie) friends on both blogs too. 

I could put a picture on here of the finished piece but obviously I'm not going to spoil your fun. Instead I'm picking a random piece of tatting out of my photos.

3 January 2017

Over run with the pesky things!

Well I made a few more. No idea why I'm doing them but I've learned something about BC3 while doing them. He DOES love fiddly fine things!! The big mouse made with wool just didn't satisfy me but the others made in size 10 crochet thread certainly did!!!! 

Am I bonkers?  Of course I am!!!

2 January 2017

Off on another adventure!!!

This is, as you've probably guessed, another of the Dora Young patterns. 

Isn't it pretty? Well this is the first attempt on this one which maybe rather problematic. I've read and re-read the destructions but I can't fathom out one of the parts - although I can see how the whole pattern works in theory!!! Theory is a strange thing!!!!

I'll be back and will persist with this.

1 January 2017


Well that wasn't too bad.  

Here it is sorted.  I'm much happier with it now!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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