4 January 2017

Wake UP Jane!

I'm a dozy old moo. Here I am with a week to go and I've not yet issued a reminder that the Tat It And See starts next week.

Actually I suppose that's not too bad as I could call this a countdown to the start. 

Seven days to go.

Here's a link (which is now on both blogs) to the translation of the introduction in Dutch with many thanks to my dear friend Riet who is providing this service.  There is also a link for my French speaking (thank you, Julie) friends on both blogs too. 

I could put a picture on here of the finished piece but obviously I'm not going to spoil your fun. Instead I'm picking a random piece of tatting out of my photos.


Pigmini said...

About time too... it's new year and I'm getting TIAS withdrawal symptoms!! Vbg.

Off to look for thread and shuttles! Can't wait!!

Jane McLellan said...

I had better wake up too, I need to prepare.

Riet said...

But it is working I already have 14 names of tatters who want to do the TIAS
And I just mailed yesterday evening about the TIAS to all the dutch tatters
problem with blog is solved, now I still have to solve a problem with my printer, but I don't need
the printer for the TIAS

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Let the fun begin!

lej619 said...

Yepper I too need to get in gear!

Unknown said...

Can't wait!

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Happy Beaks
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