14 June 2019


Just to let you know I'm BORED TO DEATH with 'that blue thing'!!!!

I'm slowly sewing it onto a backing fabric as the design wouldn't stand up to travelling with me to America so needed taming. Also the thread I used is Manuela which is a soft thread but was one of which I had (almost) plenty to make it.  It's taking hours and hours of my time but ..............

Actually the backing is a very good idea as it's showing up the delicacy of the design well. 

I can't WAIT to show you sometime (fingers crossed) next week.

13 June 2019

Fandango coaster progress

Bet you thought I'd given up, didn't you? Well I'm the sort who rarely gives up on something so I've been slowly getting on with my challenge to myself!!!

When I’m ‘out and about’ this still comes with me. Progress is being made and I’ve still got lots of thread left on the ball. This is my last post on this subject, I think!

Well although I've got lots of thread left at this stage I thought I'd do another re-measure and calculate whether I can do another row. Of course with a mathematically challenged brain like mine this just AIN'T EASY!!! 

BUT I'm pretty sure I've got enough for another row of 5 so I'm going to do five more 'middles' then hope I've got enough for five more 'outers'!!!

11 June 2019

A long term relationship

A week or so ago (yes, I forgot to blog it last week) I received my newsletter from Handy Hands and inside was this key ring.

This took me back to when Barb started her company and when I first started dealing with her. It must have been an advert in a UK based tatting newsletter that put me onto her shop. I can't remember the exact details but it was in the very early days of the internet when I'd just discovered that there were real, live tatters 'out there' and that I wasn't on my own! In fact (here I digress as usual) one of the first ones I got into conversation with was Mark Myers (Tatman) who helped me no end when I was struggling to set up my website. 

Back to the subject of this post! I remember buying off Barb of Handy Hands and she'd not got her shop set up online back then. I used to 'risk it' by sending my credit card details in two or three emails for her to 'patch together'. It worked and I'll always be grateful to her for that and for all she's done for tatting. 

Without her taking big risks we wouldn't have Lizbeth threads, shuttles and many, many things we now take for granted. Thank YOU, Barb.

10 June 2019

Anybody ready, willing and able?

I'd like to get this new pattern onto my website soonish and wondered if anybody would like to test it?

It's a bookmark/bracelet/edging and very versatile and there are two versions too.

Both versions in include a daisy picot ring and an SCMR but the second one also involves a wrapped chain. That one (in my opinion) is the easiest to work, believe it or not!!!

I'm also working on a re-vamp of the daisy picot technique page as well and hope to have that ready pretty soon.

Here's a sneaky look at a small part of the 3 shuttle version.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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