31 December 2011

Happy New TIAS!

Happy New Year to all in Tat Land.  

I would now like to announce the arrival shortly of a new Tat It And See.  The starting date will be the January 10th.

As usual I will announce each part on on this blog and on the TIAS blog

The introduction can be found here and gives details of what you will need.

Let the fun begin!!!!!

30 December 2011

Karen's first butterfly

Do you remember that it was Karen who started the quest for a 3D butterfly?  I am absolutely thrilled to show you her first of the new 3D butterflies here.  Karen is a relatively new tatter.  Actually she helped a great deal with getting this pattern 'sorted' as her questions led to constant improvements.  I finally asked Karen when she'd learnt to tat and she said this:-

"Hi - I first picked up a teach yourself kit mid 2009 after watching a friend of mine try to teach another and thought now that looks interesting.  I sat for for several Sunday afternoons in my mum's garden getting very fed up and cutting  off one attempt after another   I tried several times and finally got the flip,  I then started to follow a few you tube vids and finally started following very simple patterns around Dec 2009,  I then joined the tatting group around mid 2010 so about 2.5 years since I first picked up a shuttle and about 18 months since I started tatting  properly.  LOL no I take a challenge head on and am a devil I hate being beaten."

29 December 2011

More of the butterfly!

Here is the butterfly with beads on the lower wings.  I actually used four colours on this one - not that you can tell!!!
There are two shades of green on the lower wings which show up fine but the contrast between the blue and the variegated on the upper wings doesn't show so well.  

I'm going to make another!!

28 December 2011

The story of a butterfly

Now a few weeks ago I was asked if I knew where there was a 3D butterfly pattern.  The person who asked (Karen) said that she had one from Monica Hahn's book.  She worked it up and it was a tad too large for her project.  I then pointed her at two in Teri Dusenbury's books but she hasn't got those books.  I think they would've been too small for her project too.

Then I thought of this butterfly here on my own site and pondered it's possibilities.  Off went 'you know who' (# 3) and he came up with the one below.

Now the resident expert on all matters pertaining to critters and who is my bestest EVER critic (he always tells me the truth) said 'wow' when he saw it.  So, I present you with a 3D butterfly.

Now this isn't as hard to work as it looks.  The top wings are made first and cut and tied but the bottom and body are worked all in one whilst 'adding' the top wings.  There are no sewing in of ends as the feelers are the ends!!  I added the bead in the centre of the body 'just because'.

27 December 2011


Yes, that's me and I LOVE it.  

On the Monday before Christmas Sue Anna wrote and said she'd mailed me a packet.  That was the 19th December.  So I started looking forward to it's arrival between the 25th and New Year.

Guess what?  Royal Mail got it to me on the 24th - Christmas Eve!!!  You know what I'm like when I've got new threads in my life - I grabbed an Ezybob and instantly started winding.  Then I realised I hadn't take a photo to show you all what a lucky, lucky old git I am.  Thank you SO much Sue Anna - I will take 'revenge' in the New Year!!!

As you can see - in the packet was Marilee's new book.  Signed (see bottom photo) too.

That brings back memories of the day I met Elgiva Nicholls back in 1976 at the Lambeth Town and Country Festival and bought her latest book off her asking her to sign it.  Little did I realise the value it would add to an otherwise splendid book.  So, Marilee, it won't be long before my ancestors (aka my kids) get their mucky mitts on my stash (after I'm gone, I hope!) and sell your book for squillions on Ebay because of the signature!

25 December 2011

Reporting on Christmas!

So far, no disasters and no drama.  

Not eaten too much, not drunk too much and a new edging design well under way. 

How's that for December 25th, eh?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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